Saturday, June 4, 2011

A moment in time...

Well, I have to write again. Or else I will forget. And because I don't do baby books, and I can hardly keep  up with the kids' memory boxes, this blog serves as my memory. And I don't want to forget today.

I am a sap - through and through. Today, I was watching the kids at the pool, and yes, I shed a tear. But only because I know time won't stand still. And for about 30 minutes, I wish it had. 

I am sitting on a chaise lounge, reading my Kindle. Chris has graciously stayed home with Libby and Keely (who is not feeling well today), so I can go to the pool and NOT chase Libby from the baby pool to the big pool to the bathroom back to the baby pool to the big get the picture.

I am thrilled. I call a friend to meet me, I settle in with a good book, enjoy a soda and all is well. To my right is a small commune of kids, ranging in age from wait, good GOD, I hope they weren't that young, that only gives me one more year with Abby...let's say they were ranging in age from 14 to about 17...yeah that's better. 

These kids aren't doing anything in particular that catches my attention. Of course, they are texting, flirting with other kids in their commune, sunbathing, lathering each other up with lotion, checking each other out in their very skimpy bikinis, talking on the phone, etc. etc.

You know, basic teenage behavior. But I caught myself "watching" this instead of reading my book. I never get to just WATCH people at the pool, as I'm too busy keeping my eye on Libby Lu, who, although very intelligent and communicative, does NOT understand the three words, "DO NOT RUN!!", no matter how sternly they are said. 

But I digress. 

I am watching them, thinking of what my life - what Abby's life - is going to look like in just a few short years. I wonder if she will hang out here (I'm sure she will); I wonder if she will sport the latest teeny weeny bikini (oh wait, she already does); I wonder if she, too, will surround herself with her girlfriends who do not get IN the pool, but rather, sit on the side and, well, you know, look c-o-o-l. 

Saddened by this harsh glimpse of my soon-to-be-reality, I turn away. 

Just in time to see Abby, in her sunglasses that are too big for her little head and her bathing suit that is too big for her little body, playing, happily, with her 5-year-old brother. 

Not fighting.
Not rolling her eyes. 
Not walking away.
Not ignoring.

But playing. Laughing. Floating around on their raft in the pool without a care in the world. Hanging out together, with no concern as to whether or not this is c-o-o-l or not. 

I am mesmerized. I stare, in amazement, not because they are hanging out, because both girls are great about hanging out with Connor, but rather, because she is having so much FUN with him. And likewise, he is giggling more than I have seen in awhile. 

This lasted for well over 30 minutes. And I loved every last one of those minutes.

So I thought I'd share. Because I know this won't last. I know that on the occasions that I drop her off at the pool with Keely and their friends, that even though they are younger than the girls to my right, that they still hang out on the chaise chairs, they talk on their cell phones, they talk about the boys...

But not today. No, today, Abby and Connor were each other's play date. And wow, what a fun play date it was to witness! :)

Again, happy summer everyone!!

P.S. It doesn't hurt that he is this tuckered out after playing either. Have I mentioned how much I love the pool? Taken at 4:50pm


Nguyen-Sul Jayhawks said...

That is so heartbeakingly sweet. Heartbreaking because they are growing up so fast. And I dread that day we have the discussion about packing our babies' things so they can go away to college. Thank God for these moments, and that you are capturing them.

maura said...

Dang, Tracey. This brought a tear to my eye, too! They are growing up so fast. What a sweet story. Spending the day with you all at World's of Fun made me want to stop time....if only for a little while.

I remember our days at the pool. They were the best! When we finally got out of the pool at the end of the day after being in it ALL DAY (literally!), I remember my fingers being so wrinkley & pruney! HA! Nothing beats these fun summer days. Enjoy :) xo

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