Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gophers and neighbors and badminton, oh my!


I married a yard snob. 
Through and through. 

I am a coffee snob. 
He is a yard snob. 

But gophers don't care. 
In fact, they may burrow in our yard 
to simply SPITE my husband. 
They are probably laughing at him and his snobby yard ways. 

Yes, we apparently have a gopher. Good thing Chris learned from the master GOPHER KILLER (his dad) how to rid our yard of these pesky critters. 



I say it out of love, as I do love the way our yard looks. But still. I have to laugh. 
For Keely's birthday, Connor got her a badminton set. I knew as I put it up that Chris would say something about it killing his yard. 

**Complete sidenote - two thumbs up for me...I read those annoying assembly directions and got that badminton net up without Chris. This is big for me. I don't assemble...I don't have the patience. Ask anyone. Christmas morning - if it requires assembly, give it to your dad.**


Sure enough, as soon as he got home from work and the kids were playing:
"You know, they are tromping on my yard while they play that."
"Yeah I know that."
"And when I cut it, I'll have to take it down."
"Yeah I know that too."
"And if I put it back up, I'm going to have to put it in a different spot so they don't run all over the same area over and over again."
"Yeah I know that too."

And then there are the neighbors. 
Who apparently don't mow their yard the proper way. 
At all. 

I hear about it every time they mow. 
"You know, he's mowing my yard!"
"Yeah I know that."
"You know he scalps his yard by cutting it too short and it's ruining our yard."
"Yeah I know that too."
"And you know, I'm trying to kill the Bermuda and the way he cares for his yard makes it nearly impossible."
"Yeah I know that too."

"You know, Chris, when you cut the lawn, you cut his too, so you are getting annoyed with him for doing the very thing you do."
"Well, I know how to cut it. He doesn't."
"Yeah I know that too."

All of these conversations took place within the last 24 hours. 
Tonight, he and Connor (who was extremely excited about this, by the way) went to the store and bought the GOPHER KILLER! They then proceeded to set the trap - together - you know, as boys - and stood there and waited for the gopher. 

No, I'm not kidding. I can't make this stuff up! I should have taped him. 
But the photo is the best I can do. 

Maybe when we catch the pesky critter, we will hang it from our tree - you know, as a warning to the other gophers. Guess who we learned that from?

Updates to come! :)

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