Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who has time to shower?

Funny thing about showers...sometimes, Im too tired to take one. 
Chris is one lucky man. He especially likes it when I have taught multiple classes a day and then proceed to tell him that I'm too tired to shower. 


This is about the time that he looks at me as if I have a third eye or something. 

But think about it for a minute:

Clean body, clean hair, condition hair, shave, rinse conditioner, wash face with facial cleanser, exfoliate, dry off, brush hair, after-shower leave in conditioner, remove eye makeup, dabble night eye cream (for the lines), moisturize face, lotion legs, arms...


Clean body, clean hair, dry off. 

Hmmm, and he wonders why I think showers are so much work!!

Some nights, I act like such a rebel. I ONLY clean the body and hair. No conditioner, forget the shave, who cares if eye makeup is still on there a little bit? I got most of it. Forgo the lotion, the night cream (damn those lines), etc....

It is on THOSE nights that I'm in and out of that shower in no time. 
You know, so I can relax and do those fun things I love to the laundry! ;)


Elisa B said...

Love it. Can SO identify! Although, Eli is still amazed at how quickly I can get through a shower and be done! Babies'll do that to ya ...

Natalie said...

Agreed, and I don't even have four (or any!) kids. What's my excuse???

You even left out the whole blow drying part, which is the main reason I always feel I don't have enough time in the first place :)

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