Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mommy duty = Needed, and then not

School's out for summer!! Yeah!!! Right?  In years' past, this HAS been the sentiment that bellows out of the English household...High School Musical's song, "What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation!" coming out of my girls' mouths so loud that I wanted to bury my head, or theirs...

(FYI - That is, apparently, NOT a cool movie anymore. My kids are too big, and that show is SO yesterday. Little did I know...)

So anyway, as many of you know, it has been a bittersweet week for Abby. Last year at St. John, and yes, she is an emotional girl who has let me and Chris know that she is very sad that her tenure there is over. 

But, alas, we move on...the weekend is here, they can hang out with their friends from the neighborhood. All will be ok.

Then Keely is invited to spend the night at a friend's house. And then, my (probably over the top) motherly concern kicks in.

Crap! What is ABBY going to do then?

My Saturday night plans go out the window as I try to think of what to do so she wont wallow in her (probably over the top) sadness about moving from uniforms to the latest styles...

"Invite a friend over, Abby!"
Whew - sadness averted.
1 friend busy. Try another. 2 friends busy. Try another?
Sadness NOT averted, and not that Chris can't help her when she's down and out, but I really thought I better stay home...maybe take her to a movie...something...

So I did. 
Then the neighbor girl came over. 

Abby is distracted from her definite over the top moodiness and who do I have to thank for it? 

Ironic, isn't it? :)
Still, I'm glad I stayed home in CASE I was needed...which, it turns out, I wasn't. 

Thank God the pool opens in a week. She'll be golden then (figuratively, and literally, I guess!!) :)

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Krista said...

Hey - the neighbor girl is good for something! (at least once in a while!) haha - too funny. I'm sure her sadness will wain quickly and she'll be happy as a clam in junior high when it arrives!

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