Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't be jealous of my artistic skills. I can't help it!

Oh good Lord, this is funny. And before I begin, I just want to dedicate this post to my beautiful and talented sister, Maura, who has been & always will be an artist to the core. 

Here we go. 

Keely had to complete a Parents as Partners book report. We both read the book and were to work on the book report together. We had a plethora of options when it came to deciding on what to do for our report. Keely opted to draw the characters and give brief descriptions of them. It was then our job to use a clothes hanger to display the characters. Seemed easy enough. Hell, one of the options was to mold soap or wood into characters in the book. 

Who the heck has time for THAT?

In any case, we began tonight. See below. No, this is not Keely's drawing. It's mine. 
I saw this thing and couldn't help but laugh HYSTERICALLY at myself.

I mean, who DRAWS like this? 
Um. Me. 
Take a look. Laugh a little. Or a lot!

Once done with the outline, I knew it was time to break out the beer. I mean, there is nothing like a nice cold beer that screams PARENTS & KIDS WORKING TOGETHER, is there? ;)

But hey, look, she has clothes on now. And notice the bare belly? Yeah, this character, Flannery, she was a bit of a rebel. Hot pink hair, cut off shorts, the whole nine yards. I think she looks like a bad ass. 

I was pretty proud of it. And so were the girls - 

"Wow, mom, how did you get those shorts to look so real? How are you SO good at tank tops?"
"Oh my, you flatter me, girls...keep going!"

Keely's character, Marylin, is on the left. Notice that her character looks EXACTLY like mine. Oh yeah, imitation is the HIGHEST form of flattery. 

Or, I simply have the same skill sets as my 9 year old. 

The boy on the right doesn't look NEARLY as cute as he is described in the book. Owell. I can only do so much with colored pencils. Now, if we had been working in oils...well, then, you would see where my REAL talents lie! :)

Tada!! The finished product. And hey, Keely will turn this sucker in THREE days before it's due. 
And that, my friends, never, ever, ever happens. 
So we were pretty darn proud. 
And I am pretty darn happy this project is over. 

Thank God for summer. I've had my share of school projects lately. 
Turn me over, I am DONE! 

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momoffour said...

THis is toooo funny!!!! I got a funny for ya. I found out from Bryce Smith, at the ball park, that the report is due Friday. Hmm, I thought it was due today. I paniced and emailed Michelle for an extension. for friday. Now who is the idiot?????

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