Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"You look ugly. Don't talk to me!"

Last week, I found my glasses!!!!
HALLELUJAH! These suckers have been missing for longer than I care to admit. Truth be told, I'm a wee bit embarrassed that I have gone without them for so long. I had no business doing that. 

But I found them and WOW - I can see! Can you imagine? Nothing is blurry - not the street signs, peoples' faces, not anything, anything at all.

Ahh, relief for my poor eyes. After all, I'm not getting any younger. 

So today, as I'm waiting for about 11 minutes in line for a cup of coffee (no joke, and if you know me, you know I don't get those fru-fru drinks. Nope, coffee with cream. And I waited 11 minutes.) Anyway...

I thought, hey, I'll put my glasses on. Connor immediately says:
"Why are you wearing those, mom?"
"To see, Connor. I found my glasses. Isn't that great?"

"I don't like them. You should take them off."
"No, don't you want me to be able to see?"
"They look weird mom. You aren't wearing those in the gym, are you?"
"Um, yeah, I am. You just aren't used to them. But you will get used to them. I have to wear them."

Connor begins to get upset. No lie. He does NOT like these glasses.
"Well, I think they are weird and they make you look UGLY! Don't talk to me, mommy. Not until you take them OFF!"

Well, yeah, I could be hurt, but he's 5...what does he know? Rather, we will use this as a learning experience. After all, it is never, ever ok to call someone ugly. 

Me, tears beginning to form for affect...
"Well, gosh, Connor. You have really hurt my feelings. I can't believe you think I am ugly. You shouldnt call anyone ugly, and I'm your MOM! Thanks for making me so sad. All I want to do is see better. You shouldn't make fun of anyone just because they have to wear glasses."

Almost immediately, his lips quivered and he knew he had said some hurtful things. Good. Lesson learned. We drove in silence until I pulled into the gym. 

A very quiet Connor said to me: "I'm sorry I called you ugly, mom. You aren't ugly...

but those glasses do look a little weird."

Well, some apology is better than none, right?

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Natalie said...

You look adorable in your glasses! You can talk to me any time :)

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