Saturday, April 9, 2011

I took another spin class this, that workout kicks my a$$ like nobody's business! WOW! I leave a sweaty, smelly mess but my sense of accomplishment gives me a high, so it's all worth it. 

I opted to take this class, and to increase my cardio work to about 5 cardio classes/week because I felt that my body has become used to everything I'm doing. Time to shake things up, increase the cardio, maintain the strength training, and drop the body fat %! (It doesn't hurt that we have a friendly competition going on between the trainers and some instructors, either. I mean, who wouldn't want to win some $$, right?)

So today, after I kicked my own a$$ at the class, I showered (necessary) and ate (also necessary) and then went to the store to try & find some shorts I liked. 

Store was too crowded - and I wasn't in the mood to fight the crowds - so I left empty handed. That's ok. I'll just fish through my summer clothes at home that have yet to come out of the basement. It is 87 degrees here today, so the sweaters will eventually have to be put away.

I had no luck finding my bag o' shorts...and how does a bag o' shorts simply walk away? I am not totally sure, but I did find one pair. 


Then I tried them on. 

Not good. 

Seems my 5 classes/week are needed for another much as I tried to tell myself that the shorts looked ok, no can do. Not yet. 

Trying to keep things in perspective is hard when you are looking at yourself in the mirror and do not like what you are seeing when you are wearing shorts you wore years ago. 


Ah well, keeps me motivated, right? Surely, all this sweat Im producing is gonna kick this body into high gear. Till those shorts fit well again, chin up!! Keep on working...I'll keep telling myself. 

In the meantime, I better find that bag. With the weather going from winter to summer in a day, Im gonna need something to wear - and fast! :)

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