Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Sunday!! This weekend was a BUSY one! The gym where I work had its quarterly "partay," which meant I was up there for a good portion of the weekend. Such a fun time, though. It truly IS empowering to see so many women SOO incredibly excited about their health. Gives me warm fuzzies and makes me proud of what I do as a group fitness instructor. Below is my BodyPump Partner In Crime, Amanda. She rocks and we had a great time!

Well, because I had been gone so much on Saturday and Sunday (kudos to Chris for handling both soccer games), I thought he should get some alone time. So he played golf on Sunday afternoon, and the kids and I went downtown to enjoy a BEEE-autiful spring day in Lawrence. Love this town! 

We had a great time. A quick trip to one store to pick up some birthday presents for dad, then off to the Toy Store. Love this store. Kids playing, the friendliest staff. We had a super fun time, just hanging out and getting a wee bit creative with some costumes! :)

Despite her look, Libby was having a good time. :)

So was I! HA!

Look at that funny little Connor!

So serious, but loving the slide!

When we left the Toy Store, I took the girls to get Easter dresses. I told myself I would NOT try to impose my tastes on them...I would refrain from suggesting the adorable matching dress and headband from the Gap. I would NOT tell them that I would prefer they wear something I would choose for them. I would let them choose. 

I braced myself as I waited to see which dress they would choose. We tried on about 12 each. And the result?

Sparkly - yes. A little too short for my taste - perhaps. But I let them choose, and even though they wouldn't be my first choice, I think they did pretty well! :)

And they were pretty happy. This, of course, made me happy! 
A good, fun day with all of them!

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Natalie said...

What a fun day! I love the picture of the four of them...they are adorable :) We have to get outside while we can!!!

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