Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From 3:15pm until 8:15pm...

3:15pm - pick up kids from school. 
3:25pm - make a b-line for downtown lawrence when it is brought to my attention that not only does keely not have soccer shoes that fit, but she also doesn't have tennis shoes that fit. first soccer practice of the season is tonight at 5:30pm, and NO, keely, you can't wear converse high tops to soccer tonight. 
(turns out she needs shoes a size and a half bigger than what she had. oops)
3:40pm - having a hellofa time keeping connor from running all over the store, trying out all the baseball bats, chasing libby WITH the baseball bats, hiding under clothing displays and scooting around on the chair that the employee uses to help other customers try on shoes. (i need a drink). 
4:20pm - home...time to get into soccer clothes, have a snack, (inhaling if needed), start homework (yeah right).
5:00pm - time to go to soccer, move it move it move it! i have to get to the gym in time to get a spot in class because i need to relax, for heaven sake!!
5:10pm - abby, get out. keely, get out. connor, stay put. don't move! 
5:15pm - connor out of his seat, out of the car, running all over field moving cones that keely's coach had JUST placed there for practice. 
5:25pm - throw libby and connor in daycare at gym. get abby online at my computer. take class. 


6:25pm - time to move it, move it, move it! we have to get keely and drop off abby at practice. no time for dinner, lets go, lets go, lets go! no, connor, you cannot climb on the treadmill, you cannot hide in the spa area, you CANNOT open the front door with libby in your shadow before i'm ready to leave, you cannot hide under the table, in the personal training office or under the mats. LET'S GO! (i need a drink). 

(Sidenote - I'm sure I frightened one of my co-workers with my kids. I am typically so put together at work. Get me around my kids and I am sure I look like Im a crazy, wild woman who has lost total control!!)

6:45pm - pick up keely, drop off abby, organize carpool with other moms, get kids food. connor actually requested Subway!!! THERE IS A GOD!! HE DIDN'T MAKE ME GO TO MCDONALDS AGAIN!!!

7:00pm - stop running around the restaurant, connor. stop teasing your sister, acting like you are going to give her a piece of your sandwich, apple, chips, WHATEVER, only to take it away! no, i don't like the sound of her screaming in the restaurant. please stop crawling under the table. eat. now. let's go. (i need a drink). 

8:00pm - bath time for libby and connor. they play while i fold laundry in their bathroom. then i clean the sink and toilet because, well, they were gross. enough said. toothpaste does NOT belong on the toilet seat. ew. 

8:30pm - HALLELUJAH! Bed time! Forget a story, buddy. You need to learn to l.i.s.t.e.n  t.o  y.o.u.r  m.o.m!!! Nighty night.

8:40pm - time for homework checking for abby. spelling test, vocab done. kitchen cleaning time, (another) load of laundry done...may as well make myself useful as Im quizzing her, right? 

So...how has your afternoon/evening been today? 
Do share. Misery LOVES company!

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Um...and I thought my days were chaotic! You're pretty amazing, lady.

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