Sunday, April 24, 2011

A few months ago, I had some major dental work done. 

Not fun. I have been scared of the dentist for longer than I care to remember. Something about no dentists listening to me when I would tell them time and time again that I needed a lot of novocaine to get numb. 

My new dentist is great. Patient. Understanding. I'm very happy I switched prior to having the recent work done.

I will spare details, but I did have to get a tooth pulled and I DID, as a result, ask to spend the $$ to be put out completely. Yeah, I didn't want to chance it. Knock me out. 

So he did. And I survived. And Im feeling better about the dentist. All in all, the procedure took about 2.5 hours. 

Enter Friday. Abby needed to get two teeth pulled. My kids have beautiful teeth - until they lose them. Then the adult teeth come in and shove every other tooth out of the way. The perfectly symmetrical and gorgeous smiles of their youngest years are replaced by, yes, awkward, smiles (albeit beautiful to me) with teeth on top of teeth. Abby has had her first set of braces and now a retainer. She will go in for a full mouth of braces this year. She is 11. 

Keely, who is 8, or 9, I think 9, has a retainer. She will follow in Abby's footsteps, Im sure. As will Connor and Libby. 

Thank God for dental insurance. 

In any case, Abby had to have two teeth pulled. She was scared (like me), nervous (like me) and frankly, not looking forward to it. Would it hurt? Would she get a shot? Would she feel a lot of pain?

What the heck am I supposed to tell her? "Well, Abby, I was scared to death so I had to be drugged before they pulled MY tooth. And even though I knew that, I was petrified!"

I dont think that would have been that reassuring to an 11 year old. 

I told her what I thought would happen. She seemed ok. She went to the back, and I nestled myself into the cozy chairs at the dentist, coffee and my Kindle in hand. After all, I thought I would be there awhile. 

20 minutes later. 

Out she comes, smiling, two cotton balls in her mouth, asking for ice cream. 


The dentist knew what I was thinking - How the heck did that happen so fast when I had prep sessions, counseling and drugs, and a 2+ hour procedure? How did she get done so fast? And how is it that she looks like nothing has happened at all?

Kids - wow. Resilient? Yes. Yeah, it was uncomfortable, but not too bad, I was told. No big deal. 

Again, WTH? 

No big deal? Well, I suppose I am thankful that it wasn't a big deal. I want her to know that going to the dentist isn't all bad. It's a necessary thing for overall health. I should know. 

She sure proved me wrong. She was up and about shortly after returning home. 
So, teeth gone - check! 
Next step? Braces! (For her, not me). 

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