Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vacation vs.Trip from Hell (ok, it wasn't THAT bad!)

Well, here it is. The long-awaited blog entry about our infamous trip to Colorado. Yes, I have taken some time to distance myself from the trip for a few reasons:
1. I do not want this entry to result in divorce.
2. I do not want this entry to imply that I wouldn't make a trip like this again. Because, crazy as many may find it, I would go again. Under different conditions, which I will get to.
3. I do not want this entry to give any false pretenses. Hands down, the kids had a ball. And isn't that what it's all about? :)

That being said, let me begin.
I knew that we were hiking to a hut that had no electricity with all of our gear, our clothes, our food and 7 children. I had mentally prepared for that. Wood burning stove, gas stovetop in big deal. The night before we left, however, it was brought to my attention that there also was no running water. 

Hmmm. I didn't like this. Not one bit.

Now I'm pretty laid back. I enjoy camping, the whole tent-in-the-middle-of-anywhere-with-kids-in-tow doesn't phase me. I think I knew I had better be that kind of woman when I married Chris. After all, the man would voluntarily hike/camp/hike some more for weeks on end - with no water - shelter - etc. if given the chance.

I've had 17 years to get used to this. 
But the whole no-electricity-water-hiking-up-with-gear-food-and-baby-thing?? 
I have come to realize that I am NOT that laid back. 
And, much to Chris' dismay, I think I am "that girl."

Now it's not to say there weren't fun moments...there were. 

Day hiking was great, until Connor threw a fit because he was tired. 
And watching the kids sled was awesome, until Chase bit through his lip, blood everywhere, and Abby hurt her leg pretty badly on the same run...see video....

(What you don't see on the video is that neither of the kids got up after this run...Abby remained in the snow, you can hear her crying, and Chase, after a few minutes, got up to reveal an extremely bloody mouth...) 

And the outhouse wasn't that bad, unless you were Connor and had footy pajamas that had to be stripped to his feet in order to use the bathroom. 
And the kids were great, except Libby, whose goal for the weekend was to serve as my shadow - at all times - and perfect her pronunciation of the word "MAMA!" "MAMA!" "MAMA!" "MAMA!"
I left the room: "MAMA!"
I moved to another part of the room: "MAMA!"
I went outside: "MAMA!"
I tried to hide in the outhouse (sad, but true): "MAMA!"
I tried to act like I was sleeping: "MAMA!"
I tried to eat, sleep, poop, read, rest (ha...funny), talk: "MAMA!""MAMA!""MAMA!"

Catch my drift?
Funny, though, that at one point on Saturday - you know, the only FULL day we had at the hut, Chris sat next to me at the kitchen/mainroom table and said to me, as he rubbed my back, "See,'s not that bad, is it?"

WHAT?? I can't hear you - I can't hear anything past the "MAMA!""MAMA!""MAMA!"

Ok so that was the main drag. I think Libby was too young. Too young to go play on her own and too young to want to be away from me. That is what made the weekend the most challenging. 

Well, that, and the 10 hour drive up on Thurs, the 6 hour drive to the mountains on Friday and then the 12 hour drive back on Sunday. 

Yeah, Libby's age, and the very short timeframe in which we took the trip, just about did me in. 

I did manage to smile every so often though. 
Watching the kids make the snow forts = great! 
Watching them interact without the Wii, the TV, the iTouch = priceless!
Hearing how much they enjoyed the trip = awesome!

So will I go again? Yes, when Libby is older and can hold her own pack...hopefully, she will prove to be a better sport than Connor was at times...I mean, come on, tired after three minutes? "Seriously, Connor. I'm gonna leave you here and let the animals take you...get up!"

But do I refer to this trip as a vacation like Chris does? 
Oh my God, NO! NO and NO!

So shoot me if I want to relax at an all-inclusive resort, complete with separate kids' and adults' activities, ok? Shoot me if I want a nice soft bed, and a massage, and a tropical drink or two, and quiet, and no bloody lips and no cardio-BLASTING hike with a 30 pound baby, up a mountain, in snow shoes. 

So shoot me. Because yes, despite my admission that I would gladly take another trip like this in a few years, I AM "THAT GIRL."

He's known me 17 years...I think he's had enough time to get used to this too. 

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Alison Dessert said...

Thanks for the laugh. I'm "that girl" too. Maybe Ross & Chris can go hiking to a hut together and we can go to Rio. After all, Ross told me he was "that guy" that liked to dance when we got married. And that turned out to be false too. Glad you all made it home safely.

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