Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Putting on my game face

Tonight - well, all day today, actually, I have been dragging a bit. I was so thankful that Libby slept for FOUR hours this afternoon (hallelujah!)!!! I didn't have to carpool, so I hunkered down at home and although I didn't nap, I did crank out a lot of things that needed to get completed asap. 

Sometimes, I feel everything has to be done asap. 

But at the end of the afternoon, I was tired. Nothing spectacular for dinner, kids. You're getting spaghetti. 

I teach a class at 6:15pm on Wednesdays, and although I love teaching this class, I was dragging tonight. In fact, I was asleep on my bed until a certain toddler who shall remain nameless came in and, after continuously bopping me on the head with a TV remote and yelling "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!" had me ready to bolt out the of the house faster than I care to admit. 

Still, I dragged myself up, dragged myself to the gym and waited for class to start. I probably could have fallen asleep in a seated position at my desk! :) I knew, however, that I had to get my game face know, as an instructor, this goes without saying. Game face on - check! Rough day out of the mind - check! Bad attitude left at the door - check!

This, thankfully, was made so much easier simply by the energy in my class. 30+ women, all ready to get their booties beat, and all looking to me to do it. Who has time for being tired? It's time for high knees, tire jumps, frog hops, squats, some right and left jabs, some ENERGY...some FUN!!!

And that's what it was. Soon, I forgot my fatigue. I smiled and became energized by these wonderful women. These women who come to work hard, so so hard. Women who smile even as they want to cry or scream at me for making them do "JUST 8 MORE!!!"

The hour passed so quickly. They felt great - they looked great. They looked tired, and sweaty, and awesome! Three cheers for another great class!! Thanks to all who attend!

And although it's 9pm and I'm tired again, I'm happy I got in that hour of energy in the midst of the fatigue. Because the workout continued once I got home - mothering is simply another KIND of workout. But a workout - physically and mentally - nonetheless!

So time for a bath...and then some bed! :) 


Elisa B said...

You go! I love how you share so honestly ... and isn't that the truth. Those times when we get up and "do it", it's worth it!

Natalie said...

It's so true. Sometimes we just have to "suck it up" because we're not in the mood (especially to teach!) but once we get there we realize we play a huge role in helping others stay fit and healthy! Then we end up feeling great too :)

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