Monday, March 28, 2011

Increments and bills...oh my...

Your friend, Dave, is coming camping with you. Dave has saved $7 each month since January. Dave's father will add $1 for every $5 that Dave saves. How much money will Dave have by the end of May?

Tonight, Abby asked me to help her with her math homework. She asks me for help when Chris isn't home or available. Tonight, he is very, very busy helping Connor with the Wii. I can't disturb that. Come on. 

So she is left with me. Poor kid. God help her. I think I probably confuse her more than I help her. (I did, for the record, understand the problem above and Abby DID complete her homework).

But in trying to explain the problem, it went a little like this:
"I dont get it."
"Well, try, Abby. Im not going to do it for many months are between Jan and May?"
"And he has saved $7 each month, bringing his total to what?"
"Ok, how many $5 increments are in $35?"
"What is an increment?"
"Ok, lets try many $5 bills are there in $35?"
"You mean increments?"
"No. I mean how many $5 are in $35?"

Im trying to avoid saying how "What is $35/$5 because that is what SHE is supposed to know to do next, right? Too bad...we are STUCK on "increments."

"Forget the many $5 bills are in $35?"
"Oh, 7."
"Ok many $1 will Dave get from having seven $5 bills?"
"Are bills the same thing as increments?"
"YES, ABBY!!!"

(Who's on first here?)

You see where this is going? 
She did understand, but Im sure that the former math teacher would have had a much, much better way to explain this than me. 

But we forged on. Completed the homework. I felt pretty good. Nothing stumped me tonight. 

Still. The first thing Abby said to Chris when she was done?

"Dad, Mom helped me on my math homework, so can you check it for me?"

Nice...where's the love? 

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Natalie said...

Laughing outloud...per the usual :)

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