Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who's gonna cry more, me or Abby?

So, today I walked into South Junior High as a parent of a soon-to-be 6th grader who will leave her current school in the fall. I have mixed emotions about this transition to "the big school," but am confident in the staff there and know she will be looked out for no matter what. 

After all, Chris worked there for 13 years. 

And so starts my trip down memory lane...

I walked into school and 5th grade parents were to meet in the auditorium...that is right near Chris' old classroom. 

{SIGH} Yes, I got teary. Now, yes, I get teary at almost EVERYTHING sometimes, but this truly made me sad. Is he really not a teacher anymore? Really? But he was so good. :(

I moved on. After all, I was late. And I hate being late. Always have. Tonight, it couldn't be helped. There are only so many ways I can get from my house, to St. Johns, to McDonalds (kids gotta eat, right?), to the west side of town to mom's place and then back to South in 40 minutes in Lawrence traffic at 5pm. 

Wasn't gonna happen. 

The meeting has begun. I am late. I seek out a friendly face, a staff person who I know, but found none, so found my way to my first empty seat. 

So...this is where Abby will sit during presentations. Wow, this is a big room. Big school. I wonder how she will like it...Where will her locker be? Will she make friends? Will she be happy here, now that she is no longer at St. John? Will she feel like she belongs? Will she cry? Will I cry? Will she play sports here as she has all along? I wonder if she will always confide in me. I wonder how much clothes for school are going to cost now. I don't think I'll let her walk home from school...too far...I wonder if she will want to do band or orchestra? Should I sign her up now or wait till deadline? I wonder where her friends will live...I'll have to get to know a whole new set of parents. I hope I like them and their kids. Will she get mixed up with bad stuff? Will I know? I sure wish Chris was here. I sure wish Chris still taught here. Wow how things have changed. I can't believe she will be in junior high AND in a new school. I hope we are making the right decision. Did someone really just ask if her 6th grade daughter would have to have a locker next to an 8th grade boy? There sure are a lot of parents here. I hope that means there is a lot of parental involvement. I wonder if they have PTO - I could do that. Oh yeah, and I'll chaperone dances too. I hope she doesn't mind...will she be embarrassed? Will she thrive? Will she excel? What can I do to help? Is she REALLY old enough to do this - ALREADY?

Those were my thoughts during the first 5 minutes of the meeting! :)

This is gonna be hard. The hardest transition since kindergarten, I think. That was hard enough - moving her from one school TO St. John. Best decision we made. I guess we simply have to have faith. Blind faith that we are doing the best thing for her.

Here we go...taking the plunge...just a few short months away. 

God help me. 

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