Friday, February 4, 2011

My mommy rant for the's long overdue, after all...

Good LORD, it's been awhile since I've been on here ranting and raving. So sorry about that. Seems nothing inspirational has happened to me to warrant a mommy b*tching session, so I have been absent. 

I thought I had a great story to tell about delivering Girl Scout cookie money yesterday, but, well, I don't know, the spirit wasn't moving me to complain about the whole let's-sell-cookies-and-then-get-fat-by-eating-too-many-and-then-work-to-collect-the-money-to-turn-it-into-the-VERY-DEDICATED-cookie-money-collectors. 

No, I think I've said my peace about that one. 

So I thought, hell, maybe I have nothing to say. Maybe my kids are now boring and our lives warrant NO mommy b*itch session. 

But alas, you should all know better than that. So here I go. And I'm hot about this one. 

I was driving home from the gym this morning, and I swear till I can swear no more, this is the line I heard:

"Sex in the air. I like the smell of it."

And did I say WTH?

What is the purpose of this crap? Tell me, please. Tell me now, because I was so disgusted and angry that I about woke the teeny (ok, not so teeny, but just humor me on that one, ok?) sleeping Libby with my SIGHS and "OH MY GODs!" and "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS" yelps! 

Save me from this C.R.A.P.

So many of you will simply tell me to change the station. No big deal, yes? 

Well you wouldn't THINK it was a big deal. Unless you had an 11-year old in the car. And her very easily influenced younger sister. 

Well, then, my friends, you would quickly learn that NO MATTER how "Positive and Encouraging" K-LOVE might be, these girls KNOW the latest and greatest (VERY subjective) songs out there and THEY, my friends, have REQUESTED the station that plays that JUNK!

I love K-LOVE. Seriously, I do. I like the message the station sends, I like that I do NOT have to worry about anything that comes on the station, and I like it that my KIDS know those songs. And yes, I LIKE these songs.

I am not a huge music person. Ask my fam. My brother has his own band, my sister and brother in law have some of the coolest, new music out there (again, subjective, but it's pretty cool stuff). But not me. Hell, in college I think I only listened to female singers. Not sure what that was about, but it's true. I think my roomies thought it was a little odd, but they entertained me. :)

Bottom line - I'm not so big on what's new. I am coming to realize that my girls are so BIG on this. They know more songs, more new artists than I do. And sadly, many of the songs they are learning and many of the songs they are singing (AT THE TOP OF THEIR LITTLE LUNGS) contain many themes, words, and topics that I DO not want them to learn. 

I mean, come on, I haven't even given Abby the full "TALK," if you know what I mean. What the heck am I going to tell her when she hears "Sex in the air. I like the smell of it?"

Tell me THAT one, anyone? Anyone? 

Didn't think so.

So there is no easy solution. Kids will continue to grow. Music will continue to surprise and disgust me. And I will continue to play "Positive and Encouraging" as often as I can, and hope, just hope, that I can continue to shield my kids from the junk that comes with getting older. 

I'll try...for just a little...bit...longer because I'm a mommy to the core and that's what mommies do!


Nguyen-Sul Jayhawks said...

Thank you for giving me another good reason why I do not listen to music at all. Always a good friend!

Tracey English said...

Always there to help, Anh. Truly, the song made my stomach churn!

Adina said...

Change the lyrics and sing 'em loud!!! Example: Nickleback....."gotta get the honey with the million dollar body" becomes "gotta get the honey with the million dollar bunny!" So, "Spring is in the air....I love the smell of it!!"
Feel your pain sister!!

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