Sunday, February 20, 2011

A most productive Sunday...
We managed to move some furniture so I actually have an adequate desk on which to work (hooorrraaay...thanks to Pete and Chris for moving the heavier-than-you-know-what desk to the basement.) I feel like a new woman with a new work space AND another space to decorate...yes, the whole wall behind my desk is BARE - it's beckoning me to DO something to it. Before and afters to come..soon...

I'm not sure what got into me today, but I managed to complete four loads of laundry (and when I say complete, I mean it's been put away and EVERYTHING - crazy!!), clean and change the sheets on our bed, clean our bathroom, wash all the towels in the house, sweep and mop the hardwoods, wipe the WALLS to get all of the handprints off of them, (and ew, there were a lot of little-person marks on those walls. ugh) vacuum the family room, dust the blinds, clean Keely and Abby's room with their help, make dinner and dessert, AND start a new book...Water for Elephants...

I swear, if I was pregnant, I would have to be nesting. 

Spring was in the air today, maybe that's what got into me. The windows were open and I was ready to clean, clean, clean!!! Now, if it would only last (the weather AND my enthusiasm for a clean house). 

Unfortunately, the high tomorrow is 35 degrees - a far cry from the 70 degrees today - and it's back to the work week. Still, I will begin with a great BodyPump class at 530am and then some cardio work on my own. Maybe a cardio class tomorrow night, too, because Chris has the day off! I love that! :)

A good, productive, and yet, relaxing, day. Not too shabby.

No real reason to post this one...she just cracks me up...where's Libby??? :) 
And, as you can see, she takes her physical fitness very 17 months she is already showcasing her favorite gym EVER through her attire! ;) Way to go, Libby. Get that head start!

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amy said...

you are in super nesting mode! Can't wait for before & after pics of the office. I just got mine in order & it is SOOOO nice to have that workspace!

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