Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy 11th birthday, Abby!!

11 years ago, on the Friday before Valentines Day (the 11th), I was admitted to be induced with Abby, my first baby who I swore was a boy. One day into induction. No baby. Two days into induction. No baby. Until about 11:45pm...Sunday night...that is when Abigail Lynn decided to make her appearance into this world. 

We were instantly in love. We were surrounded by so many friends who welcomed her into our lives with open arms (as long as we had the swing...she was, after all, a bit...cranky...without the swing).

Fast forward to 2011. I am a proud mom to an extremely loving, caring and friendly young woman who adores her baby sister, thoroughly enjoys playing sports and dreams of Justin Bieber (but who doesn't at her age, after all?). Abby makes friends easily, but is very independent. She beats to her own drum, but makes sure to do her best to make everyone feel welcome to beat that drum with her. She cares about her sister and brother (even though she has already remodeled our basement in her mind to include a room of her own), one of her favorite past times is playing with the kids in the neighborhood in the summertime. 

Very responsible, but a little on the messy side, Abby can be trusted and relied upon when needed. She loves to be around extended family, counts down the days until family vacations and sometimes needs to be pushed a bit here and there to stop dawdling and accomplish a task.

Abby will leave St. John School in May and enter junior high at South Junior High. At this point, I'm not sure which one of us will be more affected by this move. It makes me sad to think she is already that old - did I REALLY have her 11 years ago? Was it really that long ago? 

I pray she continues to grow into a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I pray that she knows that, no matter what, she can always come to me and her dad with any problem, any situation, any question, and we will do what we can to guide her on the right path. I pray that she always knows she is loved, always knows she is a blessing to all she meets and always, always knows that without her, our lives simply would not be nearly as fulfilling or meaningful. I love this (not so little) girl with all my heart and always will. 

Happy birthday to Abby. 
February 13, 2000

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