Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is it about sleep and kids?

2pm Tuesday afternoon. All is quiet. Work completed, posting a few things here and there for work online. Then I hear it - the cry of a very vocal 15 month old who wants OUT OF BED NOW!

Out of bed? You just got into bed an hour ago. That nice, warm, comfy crib, surrounded by Bunny and her blanket ("bee-bee"). Add to that your brand new stuffed striped mouse you received from your godfather at Christmas (yet to be named) and I wonder, WHY OH WHY would you want to leave these plush accommodations? 

There's nothing going on downstairs. I'm plowing through work. I can't play, it isn't time to get your sisters and brother...but alas, I still hear you...

So I peek in. It's so warm in your room (which I would take in a heartbeat. I'm freezing down here). I tuck you in again, play your bunny and stroke your back. All is well. Or so I think...

Then I walk away. 

You immediately turn your head to me, poke it up and look at me with the most disgusted look, as if to say, "WTH? You think a quick backrub and a blankee tuck is gonna do the trick?"

(Hmmm, seems I say the same thing to Libby's dad after I ask him to rub my back...you know the drill..."Sure honey, I'll rub it...rub...rub...rub..............rub........................stop."

"UM HELLO!!!! I know the TV is on, but really, is that the best you can do?"

Yup, that's how she looked at me. 
Ahh forget it. She's up. No use trying to lull her back to sleep. No use trying to convince the baby that ONE DAY she will YEARN for nap time; she'll plan her weekends around scheduled nap times (and yes, I do this, so what?)

Until then, I'll close up shop for work, knowing I can finish what I've started once she heads to sleep for the night, which, thankfully, won't be late. She's another early-to-bed girl. LOVE IT.

Enough chatter. Time to get the bebe. Look at that not-so-happy face... :)

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