Friday, January 21, 2011

My time away

Life with kids is freakin' insane. Insane. Tonight, dinner at Applebees with a very grumpy Connor was insane. INSANE. Good LORD, little guy, who put the poop in your pants?

WE ARE TALKING G-R-U-M-P-Y! Even little Libby was looking at him like "WTH is wrong with you? I'm the one who has to sit here as everyone ogles over me and wants to pat my head, hold my hand and talk to me as if I don't understand anything. Suck it up, big brother. You're acting like a REAL baby!"

{Sigh}. Some days are like that, I suppose. You have to laugh and move on. 

Or work out. 

All I have to say is THANK GOD I work out. I have no idea how women manage their lives if exercise isn't a vital part of it. If I didn't have any time away, time to RUN THE HE** away on a treadmill, I think I'd go postal. 

I'm not compulsive about the working out thing - I'm not, for lack of a better word, insane. I'm the first one to stay home at night because I don't think my kids need to be at the gym when its, say, 10 degrees out, or, on the flip side, a beautiful night during which time they can be out playing with friends. Yes, the mommy guilt kicks in. 

Last night, I attended a group fitness class and IT FELT SO GOOD TO WORK SO HARD! For those of you who don't take fitness classes, YOU SHOULD START! But, as 630pm approached, and I knew dinner was waiting on me, and I had 4 kids at home waiting FOR that dinner, I left class a bit early. 

Mommy guilt. 

But thank goodness I am paid to work out. Really. I have been blessed to be a fitness instructor for almost 14 years now, and I really think it has helped me keep my sanity. 

When I gained 40 pounds while pregnant, it kept me sane. Now, I'm sure as I was teaching a step or BodyPump class at nine months prego I was quite a sight to be seen, but hey, I didn't say anything about LOOKS. ;)
When I'm having a bad day, it keeps me sane. 
When kids and craziness and responsibilities and soccer and scouts and play dates and snacks and birthday parties and volunteer work and laundry (damn laundry never ends) and LIFE get to be too overwhelming, it keeps me sane. 

So no big earth shattering blog post tonight, but rather, three cheers for exercising. For releasing endorphins and giving me energy, three cheers. For making me a happier mom, happier wife and all-around happier person, three cheers. 

Yup. Just finished a workout in my basement. Three cheers for that! I feel so much better. And I know after this weekend, when so many of my co-workers are sharing in a quarterly launch at our gym, and so many friends are PARTICIPATING in the quarterly launch, there will be a whole lot of women who feel pretty damn good for what they accomplished. 

And they should. Because taking time out to exercise - taking time out for YOURSELF - is hard. And too often the need is pushed aside. But when you make time, life, in general, is better. 

After all, a healthy mom = a happy mom and a happier mom = a happier family!

All the best in health!! "Kia Ora!"

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Anonymous said...

Great post. It's so true!

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