Monday, January 10, 2011

Lipstick stains, Tooth Fairy woes, and Cheese-it CUTENESS!

Moms know all too well that every day brings with it another challenge with one of your kids, doesn't it? Well, today was no different.

My first challenge came from Libby - how DOES one get pink lipstick out of carpet? 
Ponder that. Ill move on. 

Did you look at the note above? It was to the Tooth Fairy from Abby. THE TOOTH FAIRY!
For heaven sake, there is NO WAY I can keep up with all these inquiries. What if I said something different to Keely? What if my answers last year were opposite of this year?

And let's face it - who has TIME to answer all of these questions? This morning, before I left to teach class at, what some may term, the ONGODLY hour of 530am, I placed $4 under the pillow. I would have done $5, but hey, it's all Chris had, so that's fine. 

I left Chris a note, telling him that although I left money, I also left the tooth. Abby stirred when I was attempting to be tooth-fairy-teeny-and-invisible, so I just dropped the money and left. 

He did pick up the tooth, but told me nothing of the note. Maybe he didn't see the note. I mean, come ON, who leaves NOTES like this? 

So this morning after I was home from the gym, Abby came down to tell me she got $4! "WOW! That's great!" I responded...but she seems downtrodden...sad...literally, the child was about to cry!

"Well, what's the problem?" I asked. 
"She never answers my questions," she replied, defeated. 
"What questions?"
(Here we go, I!)

"Every time the Tooth Fairy comes to Keely, or Bonnie (sweet neighbor girl), or Lizzy (the OTHER neighbor girl), or Jamie, or Josie, or Britain, or friends from school, she ALWAYS answers questions. But never mine. Never mine!"

OH CRAP - I thought. Really? Am I going to wipe away tears because Abby's feelings were hurt - by the Tooth Fairy? 

And what about these other kids? Where are their parents? Isn't there some sort of PACT we can make to NOT answer inquiries like this? I mean, hell, what if Bonnie's Tooth Fairy says she lives in Fairy Land and Jamie's Tooth Fairy says HE lives in FairyVille? What if pixie dust doesn't exist for Lizzy but does exist for Josie? And WTH? Who answered Keely's note?


Seems I have a dilemma - what hurts more? Knowing that your PARENTS are the TOOTH FAIRY or feeling dejected by this seemingly PERFECT fairy who spreads money and gifts to kids around the world? Why won't he (or she) respond to Abby's letter?

("Well, hon, because it's me and dad who are giving you the $$$ and I didn't even SEE the note...I really don't WANT to answer the note, ok?")

I simply do not know. All I know is that Abby's feelings were hurt this morning, and I was at a loss as to how to respond. 

Any ideas welcome...and while we are at it...any ideas about how to get that damn (er, I mean, darn) lipstick out of the carpet are more than welcome as well...

Until later, enjoy my youngest stuffing her face with Cheese-its - this of course has nothing to do with my post, but she's just simply CUTENESS to me. 



maura said...

ha! Jake and i both loved this post! too funny! our favorite question: #7! i certainly do not remember ever leaving notes for the Tooth Fairy, do you??

love the pictures of Keely!! haha :D

Tracey English said...

HA - you mean Libby? ;)

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