Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy birthday, Connor

Connor Michael English
Born January 19, 2005

On the day I found out
That you were a boy
I, a bit scared, was full of such joy.

After all, with two girls, 
Would I know what to do?
The toys would be different,
The challenges too!

Easy as pie, such a baby you were.
You smiled and cooed. 
Barely ever made a stir.

And oh, how you grew & you surely taught me
That boys don't like dolls or barbies or parties with tea.

That rocks and the dirt can provide the most fun
and give you some water to fill that big gun!

Your mischievous grin causes me much concern
When I can't find your sister - did you feed her a worm?

Such giggles, such fun to chase her around.
After all, she's much smaller. you can tackle her down. 

And oh how you challenge
Me, the impatient one.
I simply don't GET some of the things that you've done!

But dear little Connor, your heart is pure gold.
You love bedtime stories.
Scooby never gets old.

Cuddle time is important.
But wrestling is too.
It's a good thing dad's here
To rough house with you.

Each day you grow older.
You learn something new. 
I pray for your happiness,
Your peace, through and through. 

I am touched by your heart,
Your sweet, gentle ways.
And of course, I thank God
For you every day. 

So on your 5th birthday, I look at the past. 
Amazed by the time gone,
Wishing childhood would last. 

Time won't stand still
But my heart is overjoyed
Im blessed to be the mom
Of such a beautiful boy!

Happy Birthday, Connor!


maura said...

great, fun poem Trace :)
dang, he's grown so much, so fast. here's wishing Connor a very happy 5th birthday!!

Tracey English said...

Awww, thanks Aunt Rara! Just a little something fun! :)

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