Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun times with Connor...and his apparent love of women's underwear! :)

Connor and I spent some quality time together today. Actually, I bribed him to get his hair cut (he HATES getting his hair cut). Fortunately for him, the barber shop was closed, so we went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart instead. 

I think everyone in Lawrence decided to shop today. Maybe many Mother Hubbard cupboards were bare. 
Well, at least I had CONNOR with me. He was, after all, my helper. He insisted on placing EVERY item in the cart. And when he couldn't reach an item that I wanted, well, my helper, to be helpful, mind you, insisted that I pick him up to REACH that particular item. Oh yes, he was such a goooood helper. 

Anyway, we were about to leave the store when we were walking through womens lingerie. It was at this time that Connor started to giggle. To really, really giggle. When I asked him what was so funny, he could barely contain himself as he asked, " you want this pink BRRRAAAAAAAA?" "Do you want this flowery BRAAAAAAA?" He was in hysterics. Therefore, I was as well. I mean, when did Connor start finding women's underwear funny??? :)

After asking if my tastes were more of the fiery-hot-pink-and-leopard variety or the subtle-pastel-and-flower variety (I'll let you make your own assumptions...) we left the store. 

Once home, Connor was, once again, bored. "There is nothing to do" may very well become his personal mantra throughout 2011. Never mind that literally half of his toys from Christmas are still packaged, untouched and available for play in the tv room. He is BORED!

So I opened his nerf gun, his gift from his sisters. Surprise, surprise, as soon as it was opened, it was fired. At the mirror above the mantle, at the doors, at the television, and of course, at me. Connor was most pleased with his latest gift. So elated, in fact, that he had to take it into the bathroom. 

Never mind that the child has been a little on the - um - clogged up end of things since Christmas. Bathroom time for Connor has not been pleasant as of late. But today, no matter. He heard his dad and me in the front hall and very cunningly opened the door, while on the toilet, in mid-poop, truthfully, and belted us with some of his nerf bullets. :)

Again, giggling the whole time, he had SURE SHOWN US who was boss...poop or no poop!!!!!! 

Funny kid, that Connor. Funny, funny kid. 

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