Monday, December 27, 2010

Reflections on Christmas 2010...and turning 37...yikes

Merry Christmas 2010
I type this on the night of my 37th birthday. 37th. Wow. I know, I know, what is the big deal about 37? Truth is, there really IS nothing that makes this year a "big deal." Still, I find myself thinking, "Wow. 37!"
I think it has more to do with the fact that I am, at times, in awe of the fact that I am that age, that I have four kids, that even though high school doesn't seem that long ago, it WAS. Perhaps it's that I still live in Lawrence and, again, don't think college was that long ago. But, alas, it was. 

We had a nice Christmas this year. Nice, but rather rushed. Christmas Eve was spent at my mom's house - my mom, who makes Christmas feel like it did when I was 8 years old, is still making memories for my kids and my sweet nephew, Peter. The photo above was taken at her home. Five kids, excited to play together and spend at least part of the holiday together, enjoyed the evening's festivities of exchanging gifts, getting into their holiday PJs and playing. 

Then came the chaos of Christmas morning. 6am and the three older kids were UP AND READY TO GO!!! And so it began. Our joy came from watching their joy. Each one smiling at a special gift or two, thanking us and Santa (and yes, they all still believe). We were blessed to have Chris' brother in town. For those who know Chip, well, you know Chip. I have come to really see him in a different light since having kids. He was so great with them - with all of them - but especially with Connor. I truly enjoyed having him here.  Mom came over, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and my tooth broke. 

No, that wasn't a misprint. My tooth literally broke. Awesome. Im hopeful, at the time, that the broken tooth will mean I will {have to} eat less. After all, I don't want to lose the whole tooth. 

Then I remember that Chris' aunt, Rhonda, is cooking, and that thought quickly leaves my brain.

We enjoy some fleeting moments at home, then pack up, and drive three hours south to see Chris' dad and extended family. Although we both agree that the drive on Christmas Day was less than ideal, once again, we enjoyed time with family and friends, and, yes, once again,  my kids had a ball. Spending time with Chris' dad is like heaven to my kids. He plays with them, spoils them, and simply makes them laugh. Such a wonderful man who always goes out of his way to make our visits special. 

I hope he knows how much he means to them and to me and Chris. 

So we are back home. The house is {somewhat} back in order. The kids are asleep and I am reflecting on the week and, as previously stated, how lucky I am to have these beautiful kids and everyone else in my life. How I am so blessed is beyond me. A blessed Christmas, a wonderful birthday, and Im sure, a spectacular 2011. 

Perhaps being 37 isn't all that bad! ;)

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maura said...

sounds like - though a little crazy - you all had a wonderful Christmas :) those pics are great! i think i'm going to frame them both! hard to believe we're about to enter 2011. here's to another fun, crazy, silly year!! xo

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