Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

It's been awhile. Every time I think I want to write, something comes up, or some CHILD comes up to me and tells me to get the he** off the computer (but not in so many words). After all, isn't it THEIR turn online??

And it's late. And I teach early morning tomorrow, but that's ok. Time to catch up. And to do so? Some random thoughts, in no particular order. 

The Christmas parade was in Lawrence last weekend, so we bundled up the kiddos and headed downtown. Connor's highlight? Besides seeing Santa (on the Sandbar float...whatever), it was sitting in a real life fire truck. Joe, the firefighter, was such a nice guy who saw Connor drooling over the truck and invited him to sit in it. Pretty cool. He loved it.

And here are three of our four sitting and posing momentarily before getting back to the parade. Libby was nestled all snug in her stroller - BRRRR - it was cold - so she didn't make the shot.

And although it was cold, and windy and blustery, it was the perfect day for a parade. Growing up in Houston, I had my fair share of 70-degree Christmases. NO THANK YOU. I'll take my four seasons any day, thank you very much.

And looky here, so festive looking were many of the horse and buggies.

So all I have left is the photo of the door, but there is a story to the photo of the door. 
I love Christmas. If you know me, you know this. I am the child who, no lie, used to search HIGH AND LOW for presents, make sure my mom wasn't around, UNWRAP them, look at what I was getting, and the RE-WRAP them. 

Oh yes, I was that child. God help me. 
I love everything about it. Love decorating too, so I was pretty proud of the wreath that contains an ornament with each of our names on it. Pretty cute, well, to me at least. 

But I am a white lights kind of girl. Through and through. Martha Stewart I am not, but damn, I love how that woman decorates. So white lights all the way.

I live with four other people who disagree. And they are COLORED light people through and through.

So, last year, I had to give in. Chris bought the lights and {GASP} colored lights went on the house. I was beside myself. My kids were on cloud nine.

This year, Chris, once again, was responsible for purchasing lights. He came back with (more) colored lights and even worse, plastic colored candy canes that are now perched in front of my front porch. 

What's worse? Keely picked them out with him. Keely! The one child, who, no matter what, will choose me over her dad. I felt as if she betrayed me. She was all smiles, and, once again, was on cloud nine. 

So if you drive by my house, I take no credit for the lights on the outside of the house, or the gawdy plastic candy canes. I will, however, take credit for the wreath.

Sadly, the kids weren't on cloud nine with excitement about the wreath. Whatever. 

They'll learn. I hope. 


Allie Confer said...

I'm definitely in the colored lights camp (with a 'the more the better' mentality) - I can't help it - I was raised by Dave. But I think your wreath is very pretty!

Tracey English said...

I think it's because it's what I had when growing up. This year, Chris had the most devilish grin when he walked up with those darn candy canes. He thought it was hysterical. Keely couldn't understand why I wasn't thrilled that they were going up. Owell. I can compromise. :)

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