Monday, November 15, 2010

This and that...

Mom and I went shopping this weekend at a place here in Lawrence that I LOVE! Locust Street Marketplace is, by far, one my favorite places to shop for home decor and accessories. 

I was looking for a rug for the basement. I'm pretty traditional. This lovely rug is anything BUT. But I liked the colors and the feel of it - comfy for the kids, who enjoy sleepovers in the basement with friends. 

So I got it. And I'm so glad I did.

The room is really coming together. We spent a lot of time down there this weekend. I'm sure we will continue to do so. 

On Saturday, Chris and I attended the auction at the kids' school. Above is the preschool project that we bid on. As Chris says, this is probably the most expensive piece of art we have in our home, but it was worth it. Fits beautifully in the play room.

And here we have Connor. Who must be pooped after all the home decorating that was done this weekend. Truth be told, this kid simply crashed on Sunday afternoon at about 230pm. Slept till we ate dinner at 6pm AND went back to bed at his normal time of 820pm. 

I do have good sleepers. Thank God. He looks so - so angelic when he is sleeping.


I must go. You know, it's Monday, which means I don't have to work in the afternoon and I don't have to pick up kids at 330pm. No, I don't really have to be ANYWHERE. And yet, as is the case almost EVERY Monday, Libby has decided to wake up early so I DON'T get to "do nothing" during this time. 

I love it. 

Wait, didn't I JUST say I was blessed with good sleepers? I may have to retract that as it applies to naps. Owell, maybe she can help me decorate today! :) What project should I start??? :) I'd love to repaint her room...maybe I'll see what paint colors we have in the basement.


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Natalie said...

I think art work like that is worth every penny! Especially when it is for a good cause, that just makes it even better :)

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