Friday, November 5, 2010

Right now, as I type this, Libby cries in her crib. It's 1:45pm. Naptime. Every day. Since birth. For some reason, that isn't flying well with her today. 

So long reading time. Shower time. Perhaps, even, nap time? Buh bye. 

Can't write long...must get the baby, but what is it about sleep sometimes? On days I carpool, I have to wake her, which is like waking the dead, which makes me feel guilty, which sometimes puts me in a grumpy mood for the other kids. 

Yet, when I don't have to carpool, or leave the house - AT ALL - she doesn't nap, which makes her angry, which doesn't allow me any down time, which makes me grumpy, which, again, puts me in a grumpy mood for the other kids. 

And I won't even MENTION daylight savings time. What a JOKE! I know people who get super excited about this GRAND EXTRA HOUR, but not me. 

It simply means that Connor will be down, in our room, in our bed, on my HEAD, at 5am instead of his required 6am. Now we could try to change the clock back, but I'll be really surprised if that works. Yes, our Sunday is going to start MIGHTY early!

Ok enough - baby still crying. I should go tend to her. 

Too bad, I really could use a shower. ;)

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Elisa B said...

Seriously ... my younger sister was crowing about the excited daylight savings time earlier today - I was like GIVE ME A BREAK! It's just going to make all my mornings for at least a week super early, and then I'll have grumpy kids which often = grumpy momma. I'm dreading it! I feel you all the way ...

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