Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conversations with Keely

This is how my conversation with Keely went this morning...on the way to school...about three minutes before I let her out of the car...

"Mom, I have a book report due at the end of the month and I don't know what it is."
"Well, Keely, ask your teacher about the assignment so you can get started."
"But mom, you are supposed to be reading the book WITH me."
"Ummmm, how am I hearing about this on November 17 then?"
"I never saw the newsletter, Keely. Did you bring it to me?
"No, but it's online."
"Well, Keely, I didn't know about it...and come to think of it, you said you didn't know about it either, and yet, you are telling me that you and I were supposed to read something together. Now, we are one week out until it is due, you haven't picked a book, you don't know the assignment, and you are giving me attitude because I didn't take the time to go to the 3rd grade site to see what the assignment that correct?"
"HMPHPH*&#^$38(! Forget it mom!!!"
"Keely, am I understanding correctly?"
"Have a great day, Kee!"
"Whatever, mom!"

I love mornings like this. I guess I better get my little behind onto the school website...yikes!

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