Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...and let the holiday shopping begin!!!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone.
I know, it's not Christmas, but it may as well be. In my house, my kids are either already writing their Christmas lists or circling everything they want that comes in a beautifully designed, enticing catalog in the mail. We've got Justice, Target, American Girl, Best Buy, PotteryBarn Kids, Boden and (I'm sure) many, many more covered.

At this point, I think Chris and I are expected to fork out approximately $12,465 to make all the kids happy.

And I know they are kids. And they know the "reason for the season." They know it, but they are kids and, well, they want things. Expensive things. Really expensive things.

I'm so bad for posting this. But I knew Abby had already started her list, and, well, I guess I'm that mom who does embarrassing things to her kids. 


I DID ask them to really, really think of the top things they wanted. I told them to think long and hard because they will not get everything they ask for, but if we knew their TOP picks, that would help.

Ummm. I hope Abby misunderstood. I hope to the Lord above that the following list is not simply her "top" picks. God help me if there is more!

In case you can't read NUMBERS 1-13, I'll give you some highlights:
1. iTouch
2. North Face fleece
3. American girl clothes
4. American girl bathroom objects (?)
5. Other stuff related to American girls (DAMN those American girls)
6. DS (As in Nintendo DS)
7. Oh yes - UGG boots.

But wait, there is more!

This one is funny - Number 14 is MONEY - She wants some MONEY for Christmas.
"Honey, we HAVE no money!! We spent it on your numbers 1-13!!!"

15. Some sketching stuff - so thank GOD, her aunt had some influence on her. I think we can swing some art stuff. 
17. New clothes 
20. A camera & laptop
21. a NEW GUITAR with a microphone!

At this point, I'm crying and laughing at the same time. Is she for real? Really? :) WOW. Long gone are the days of purchasing the $2 stuffed animal and seeing the eyes light up with joy.

We're gonna have to take out a loan to fund Christmas. Yikes. 

God love her. She is such a sweet kid, but she is entering that age when name brands mean more than they did a year ago. She has friends with cell phones, and iTouches, and Uggs, and more. I get it. I understand. 

And I know that despite this long and lengthy list, that Abby will have a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy all of her gifts. I don't worry about that. 

But it's a good thing I don't. This list could give me a heart attack if I let it get to me. :)
Ahh yes...Merry Christmas everyone.

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