Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The never-leave-home-just-give-your-baby-a-bath workout

Tonight was bath night in the English household. We're down to two to bathe - the older two can shower on their own, although how WELL they shower leaves something to be desired. 

Libby loves bath time. Connor loves bath time with Libby. Both love to get me as wet as absolutely possible. I've given up trying to stop it. Instead, I cover myself with a towel and let them GO.TO.TOWN on the splashing. 

I mean, eventually, the water will dry but the memories last forever, right? Yeah, yeah. Right.

Then comes the AFTER-BATH drama. Not so much drama. Libby is only 1, there isn't drama yet, is there? Good God, I hope I have a few years before that sets in. 

There is, however, the mommy-post-bath-time-to-get-in-pjs workout that I recommend to anyone trying to shave a few pounds off their waistline. 

Good GOD, when did Libby become so darn strong?? 
Oh yeah, first it's the wiggle-twist-and-pop-mom-in-the-eye move that gets the heartrate going. 
Quickly followed by the scream-like-you-mean-it-and-kick-the legs move that is SURE to make the upper body work to restrain the baby from rolling off the changing table. 
Only to be topped off by the arch-your-back-and-battle-the pajamas-as-mom-makes-every-attempt-to-get-them-on-you-while-you-are-still-wet-so-the-damn-things-won't-go-on-move that causes the sweat to begin trickling down your forehead as you truly begin to become fatigued...

Who said I need to run or head to the gym to get my cardio work in? It's all right here...home sweet home...

I think it's time for a post-workout drink. Good night, and sweet bathing dreams!

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