Thursday, October 28, 2010

Silly things kids do...

So Libby works like a clock, and when she is hungry, by God, come hell or high water, you better have some food. Even if it's something like 5 better have something!

Today, she was feasting on those goldfish while I was eating an apple. She loves apples and therefore motioned and grunted to me as if to say, "Hey, you! Give me that apple. Now!"

Well allrighty then...I wouldn't want the grunting to continue and the motions - both arms FLAILING and waving at that BIG SHINY RED thing going to my mouth. I get it. Have some apple. 

It was at this point, when I started taking bites of my apple and placing those mini bites in her bowl, that she proceeded to completely spit out everything she had in her mouth. 

And although she is only 1 and her mouth isnt that big - that had to mean about 8-10 drooly, wet, soggy pieces of goldfish. All over the kitchen floor. That I swept and mopped. Last night. At 10pm. Hell, I didn't even go 24 hours before something was spewed on it again. 


She then proceeds to back her cute little booty up to the refrigerator (her new fave spot for snack eating...there must be some good people watching at the fridge) and plops herself down on TOP of the 8-10 drooly, wet, soggy pieces of goldfish. 


She apparently realizes this because it is then that she, in this order:
1. stuffs about 5 pieces of apple in her mouth and, at the same time,
2. stands up, walks in the 8-10 drooly, wet, soggy pieces of goldfish and walks all over the kitchen. 

So now, what once was only a small contaminated area full of 8-10 drooly, wet, soggy pieces of goldfish, has expanded to include the majority of the kitchen floor.  Because you know what? She's FAST when she wants to be...

Oh yes, and then there is more. 


And then, on top of the 8-10 drooly, wet, soggy pieces of goldfish, there are all the pieces of apple - you guessed it - drooly, wet, soggy pieces of apple - all over the floor. 

I give up. Mopping the floor is now only the job of the woman who cleans my house. It's too depressing to think I spent the time doing it only to have it destroyed by sweet little Libby and her 1-year old eating habits. :)

Anyone wanna come over for dinner?


Natalie said...

I love this! I can picture a exactly what soggy goldfish look like all over the floor :)

Elisa B said...

Always, Always, ALWAYS happens right after something is cleaned! Big fat sigh along with you ...

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