Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nothing compares...

I had a fun weekend away with my family. All 12 cousins attended the wedding - this is the first time - EVER - that we have all been together. Crazy, but life has led us down different paths in different parts of the country, so it has never been feasible to all be together. Until this weekend. 

A great time. 

But as we approach Kansas City, I begin to get butterflies. I am home and in a few short minutes I get to hug and kiss the 5 most important people in my life. 

Coming home is like Christmas morning to me. :) 
And so we enjoyed a fun night together too. Kids are well. Chris is amazing and DID manage to completely finish the playroom, finish the laundry, get the grocery shopping done, attend the multitude of volleyball games AND still manage to plan dinner and greet me with a beautiful smile (just call him SuperDAD & SuperHUSBAND).

No, nothing quite compares to coming home. Little things. Libby burrowing into my shoulder and moving so she can get just a LITTLE closer to me, Connor requesting that I lie down with him before bed and holding my hand until he falls asleep, Keely's beautiful picture and Powerpoint presentation she made about missing me, and Abby's smile and constant "I love you's" since I have returned. 

Going away is a fun break sometimes. But nothing, no trip in the world, compares to coming home! 

I am blessed! :)

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maura said...

so true! and what a wonderful family you have to come home to :) over the years i have found that coming home is, for me, the best part of being away. nothing compares! all the animals were happy to see us and it's great to be back. today we are enjoying a quiet day off, getting errands done, etc. tomorrow, it's back to the grind!

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