Friday, October 8, 2010

Noah's Arc at 4am...

Why I'm up at 4am is way beyond me. Connor woke up at 1am. Actually, I woke up to Connor calling my name from upstairs. Shooting out of bed like a bolt of lightning so he wont wake the rest of the kids, I meet him in the bathroom. Where he is completely naked. And sitting on the floor. 

"Connor, why are your clothes off?"
He is, for all intents and purposes, asleep. He had to use the bathroom, so naturally (??) he had to take his clothes off. 
I get him back into bed, and he is asleep soundly before I leave his room. 
That was 3 hours ago. I have been awake ever since. 
There is, surprisingly, a lot to do in the middle of the night. I tried reading. I got some work done. I sent out some emails. Checked out a few blogs. Psyched myself out about a 10k I am doing on Saturday (I havent been running as much as I need to be and yes, I'm a bit worried about this hilly run in two days). I folded laundry. Read some more. Thought about what I was going to wear to my cousin's wedding. Wondered how I was going to find the time to lose this stubborn baby weight from 4 kids. I have managed to clean out my in box (to some degree), worry about the still-high pile of laundry that is calling my name and clean the kitchen. 

At this point, I better not go back to bed because my alarm goes off in 30 minutes because I teach a class at 5:30am. So here I am, once again, sharing random thoughts about my life - and my kids. 

But I do have a Connor story, that, truth be told, kindof broke my heart today. 
Today I picked the kids up from school. Connor, upon seeing me, handed me his backpack and ran ahead of me with his friends, eager to play while waiting for Abby and Keely. 

Thinking nothing of it, I opened his backpack and quickly glanced at what he had done today in school. Noah's Arc - wonderful. He has been talking about Noah's Arc this week a lot - I see that today they "put their arc together." 

I smiled and went on. We approached home, at which time I told him that I really liked the Arc he had done in school today. 

Sadly, he became very upset because, apparently, I was supposed to be surprised by that piece of work and he was going to show it to me. I shouldn't have looked in his bag. 

Well, still thinking this was no big deal, I told him it was ok, that I thought it was great and I would love to hang it up. 

Too late - I had lost him. Crying that "I had ruined his surprise" and that now he was going to "have to tear it all up and throw it away," Connor proceeded to rip this sweet project up and, very sadly, threw it in the trash. 

Inside, I was crying for him too, but I wasn't sure how to approach this one. So I let it go, but he didn't. So, Ill spare details, but he spent some time alone in his room. And yes, while there, he still emphatically cried that I had ruined it all... :(

When he calmed down, we talked and I got the project out of the trash. And here it is. 
And, although torn, will be proudly hung on the refrigerator. Such is the life of a 4-year old.

Now...what to do for the next hour or so??? Is it too early for coffee? I think, because I am still up, that I will definitely be needing it later this morning.


Elisa B said...

And you need to take a nap today! You are much more productive than me! When I can't go back to sleep after being woken up, I just still lay in bed - being grumbly that I can't fall back asleep!

Tracey English said...

I am sure you are right, Elisa. A nap, indeed. Im still going strong though...pump class AND some cardio after upstairs...but yes, time for! :)

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