Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mind if brag a bit?

Parent/teacher conferences were tonight. In a nutshell:
1. Grades are great! :) Honor roll once again!
2. Teachers are amazed at her "uncanny ability to multi-task at such an early age." 
(She must get this from me). ;)
3. Also told us she is quite the social butterfly and needs to stop the chatter every so often. 
(She must get this from Chris). :)

1. Reads at a 6th grade level (ROCK ON, KEE!!)
2. Is hard on herself when she doesn't complete something to the level at which she thinks it should have been completed. (Me).
3. Loved by all, friends with everyone. (Chris).

1. A leader in his class. :)
2. Very eager to learn new things (me) and does so very well (Chris).
3. Can be very loud. (Chris, very much so...HA!).

It's amazing how much of yourself you see in your kids. Once again, we were proud parents as we walked out of St. John School. How blessed we are. :)

Yeah, yeah, it's my blog and I'll brag if I want to!


maura said...

woohoo! heck yeah! why not brag? sounds like they're all having a great year so far! :)

Krista said...

I think Keely's number 3 applies to Mom too. ;-) Just sayin'.

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