Thursday, October 14, 2010

I wonder what the weekend has in store...

So, our basement flooded last weekend. Fun times. Long story, but the GOOD part about it is that it is resulting in some nice new wood laminate flooring going in down there in a few weeks. (Laminate to save us in case it floods again). AWESOMENESS is all I can say. 

But, when you have walls that are pink and green (only two of them, compliments of me while in my "my-girls-are-so-sweet-and-little-so-let's-paint-the-room-girly-colors" stage) and other walls covered in marker (compliments of Connor, who went through a "I'm-going-to-color-on-everything-BUT-paper" stage), changes must be made - and quick - before the new flooring is installed. 

Enter Chris, who, in a rare moment of HGTV-ness, told me that HE would paint THIS weekend - no problem. 

I leave town tomorrow - headed to Nashville - SANS kids - for my cousin's wedding. So, HELLO, I wont BE here this weekend. I think I laughed too quickly when Chris told me he would do it. 

"But I'm going to be gone."
"No big deal."
"But you have ALL the kids."
"And volleyball. And laundry. And grocery shopping. And scheduled play dates. And church. And everything else I manage to do in a given weekend."
"No big deal. I have Friday and Saturday night after Libby goes to bed."

I didn't mean to insult him. He's a great dad and, quite frankly, a MUCH MUCH better painter than I. 
Still, I am hesitant. But he leaves next weekend for a week in Atlanta, and I think HE is scared that if HE doesn't do it, I will. And he knows what that means. 

Let's just say I manage to leave my "personal mark" on every ceiling in the rooms I paint. 
So what? What's a little paint on the ceiling? :)

So, who knows what the weekend has in store. I may enjoy two days away AND come home to a newly painted, wonderful basement that brings me one step closer to the HGTV basement of my dreams. 

But I'll be honest...I'm not holding my breath. 
4 kids.
All weekend.
Lots to do. 
Paint? Really?
We shall see.

1 comment:

Bonney said...

Well, did he paint? How did it turn out?

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