Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A fun day of painting and Halloween crafts...

 Tonight seemed the perfect time to pull out the good ol' Halloween paints and crafts and embark upon a fun, festive night of Halloween fun!

I am happy to report that we had no repeat of last year's mishaps...no cursing at so-called "easy-to-create" haunted houses (yeah, right...easy to create my a$$)...no yelling at the kids because they didn't make it "just so..." (or rather, just how their MOTHER wanted it made). 

NO, this year, I took a moment to reflect on last year's Halloween craft making time and learned a lesson - NOT to do it again!** Granted, last year, I had a three-week old, and perhaps, maybe, it's POSSIBLE, that my hormones were a little outta whack, maybe. But this year, Libby was in bed, and the three of us went to town on the painting. Abby missed out - that's what happens when you are a big 5th grader who has volleyball...but we'll do something with her later.  In any case, here are some fun shots of the kids. :)

 Oops - how did that BEER get in the photo? I haven't a CLUE!!!!!! But yum, Free State Ad Astra...heavenly! ;)
 Keely and her masterpiece mask (and who made those super cute jack o'lanterns? Oh yeah - me!) I know, I know, I'm so super creative, huh?:)
 Hey - there they are again. Yeah, I like 'em! (Keely is pretty cute too!)
 BOO! Connor was working hard on his tombstone too. He did great!

All in all, a fun day! Oh yes, and did I mention that I painted our laundry closet today too? Oh yeah, I love it. I really am a before-and-after girl - but I forgot to take the before shots, so you only get the afters. I know, I know...you are crushed!

Hey look hon! Our laundry closet isn't an EYESORE anymore! And guess what? It cost us nothing. Nada. Zilch. That made Chris super, super, super (did I say super?) happy! I used paint we already had and re-purposed the baskets. The vase of flowers came from an idea I got from a home decorating blog I read, I admit. I'm a freak and I read them - often! But hey, wow, I'm not embarrassed to open the laundry closet anymore!

And it took only ONE hour! NICE!!!!!

A fun day of painting and Halloween crafts = one happy mom and two happy kids. 
 Two thumbs up!

**To read more about Halloween crafts 2009, feel free to look back at the entry I wrote. Oh yeah, it was UGLY with a capital U!

WOW - Looks like all that painting tuckered poor little Connor out. This was taken about 4.5 minutes after I put in a movie that he chose. 

Night, night, Connor!


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Elisa B said...

Now THAT sounds like a winner of a day ... anytime that in between life I get something accomplished in the house AND have a great time with the kids - well, those days are treasured! Good Work!

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