Saturday, September 25, 2010

Small Town, Big Cause 5K in Eudora to benefit Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment.

6am - the day begins. Strangely, the girls are not fighting me to get out of bed. Not even Abby, even though he knows that I am waking her up while it's still dark - on a Saturday - to go complete her first 5K. 

"I don't know why you think I can run three miles. I can't even run one," she says with a smile.

Ok, this could be a good day. No fights or attempts to get out of it. This is good.

The girls got a pedometer in their race bags. They are obsessed with the number of steps they take even before the race begins. Races to the car and back, to the firetruck and back, to the park and back - all before the 8am race start. 

"Pace yourself, girls. You are going to be tired before you begin," I tell them and smile. 

Time to stretch.

{{Imagine moans and groans from the crowd...}}

"Mom, these stretches make me feel OLDDD!! Old people do these stretches," says Abby nonchalantly.

(Hmm, seems I do these stretches every day. I guess I'm now officially "old.")

8am - the race begins. Abby is like a BOLT of lightning - but a VERY loud, heavy-footed bolt of lightning. Good Lord, I could hear her feet clopping a mile ahead of me and Kee. 

"Softer on your feet," I want to tell her. But refrain. She's outta here! Her long, dangly legs carrying her. 

Keely - slow and steady wins the race. So good. This kid is all heart. I love her sweetness. She ran her little heart out and did really well. I was most impressed with her determination and her willingness to push herself even when she so wanted to stop. 

We ran. We jogged. And yes, we walked. 

And we caught up to Abby, who, apparently, had run out of steam and was sitting in the street. 

"I'm tired, mom. Are we almost done?"

"Um, no Abby, we aren't even halfway done. Pace yourself. No need to sprint. Just take it a little slower."

CLOP CLOP CLOP - and off she goes!

"Seeeeeeeeeeeeya!!!!!" - she calls to me and Kee (who, by the way, is still jogging).

If you want to witness firsthand the differences in your kids, run a race with them. I was so incredibly proud of them both. Abby, for her flighty, carefree attitude - skipping, jumping to grab leaves and cartwheeling between sprints and breaks. And Keely, simply for her determined attitude, her genuine gratitude toward me for asking her to race (she kept thanking me for bringing them) and for her sweet nature - offering kudos to other runners who were participating. 

There were times, I will admit, that I wanted to go faster, to make it to the end in better time, to push the girls, perhaps, to take it up a notch. But I refrained. That wasnt my purpose. I wanted to share something with them that I enjoy, something that has become a part of my life this year. 

I was so proud and I was humored by their differences throughout the race. 

At one point, Keely asked me to guess what she was saying to herself when she was getting tired. I didnt know. 

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming," she said (compliments of Finding Nemo).

They definitely made Race #6 another memorable one. 

When asked if they wanted to do another one with me, Keely, without hesitation, said yes. 
Abby said to ask her again in a few months. She needed time to recover. ;)

(They did both recover, and also both went on to win their three volleyball games that took place later this afternoon.)

Yes, they have made me one proud mommy!


Elisa B said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to you AND the girls!

Megan Sheldon said...

I love it! Good job to all three of you:)

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