Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My 4-year old taught me a lesson this morning...

This morning was, shall we say, a bit not-so-good. 
I got the kids to school on time (yeah!)
I didnt forget to pick up the little girl for carpool (yeah!)
We got to school on time (yeah!)

Then we realized that Abby forgot her volleyball stuff. On many occasions, I am the mom who says, "Sorry - tough it out. You cant forget your things!" But it was volleyball and kneepads are pretty much essential. 

So I made the decision to drive back home before going up to the gym to get these things for her. 

Connor did not like that idea. At all.

So quickly, that child went from typical Connor (who already can be a handful) to a frantic, kicking, screaming, yelling, punching bundle of DEVIL that I was almost amazed.


Still, I drove on, hell bent on getting Abby her items. Oh yes, there was kicking and screaming and taking off clothes and a bunch of "I DON'T LOVE YOUs" flowing from the back seat.

I continued on.

Then Libby started to cry. Not because she was annoyed with all the chaos (which I wouldnt blame her for). No, rather she was crying because Connor decided to slap her because he was mad. Nice huh?

That was it. Stop sign here, and I turn around and swat him on the thigh, telling him it is NOT ok to hit someone JUST because you are mad. 

DOES ANYONE SEE THE IRONY IN THAT STATEMENT?? I SWATTED him on the thigh, to TELL him it is NOT ok to hit someone because you are mad. 

Bad bad mommy moment. Immediately regretted it, and thought, what the hell am I teaching him in doing the very thing I got mad at him for?


All, of course, ended ok. We talked. I apologized. He apologized and gave Libby a kiss. Told me he DID love me. I, of course, told him I would always love him, no matter what.

Alas, I got a good lesson in parenting today. All compliments of my sometimes-challenging, but always loved, 4-year old.

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