Tuesday, August 10, 2010

While one masters the crawl, another has me wondering how to master "the talk"

Well here she is, moving all over the place in our lake house in Minnesota, where she learned to crawl. Personally, I think she tired of being the only one who couldn't M-O-V-E. Me? I am excited, but am thankful that the summer is almost over because I completely and thoroughly enjoyed going to the pool all summer with a baby who hadn't mastered how to stroll all over the place, just in time to fall face first into the pool. 

Now 10.5 months old, she is a bundle of personality. Chris swears she says "dada" but the jury is still out on that one. I don't think saying "dada" to everything means she understands that "dada" means Chris. But who am I to know?

Time goes by too fast. It makes me a little sad. Why can't they stay young longer? 
Speaking of growing up too fast, Abby, who is 10, has asked me some questions lately that have me believing that "the talk" is soon approaching. I remember when my mom had "the talk" with me...yikes. You know you never look at your parents in QUITE the same way! I'll keep you posted. There are SURE to be some funny, repeatable stories when it comes to THAT conversation! :)

She enters 5th grade this year, and is really, REALLY growing up too fast. 
"When can I start to date?" WHAT????
"When can I have a cell phone?" NOT NOW.
"When can I start babysitting?" AREN'T YOU STILL A BABY?

So hold onto those little babies, all you moms and dads.

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