Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The pressure is on...

If you're a mom, you've undoubtedly read the articles about how to avoid being a "dumpy mom." You know the articles I mean - the ones that tell us to:
1. Shower every day
2. Get out of our PJs
3. Take some time to look great

Our pay-off? We will FEEL great! :) Right?
Well, I have to admit something. And those who know me know this already:


I only work in the morning, but come home and pull in some hours in the afternoon too. Who needs a shower, really? Especially when I'm simply going to go back to the gym to workout or outside to work out that night? Right? Are you with me on this? 

Well, I wish the other moms in the school pick up line were with me on this. True, many, many moms are wearing their less-than-desirable workout wear (or PJs, for that matter) in the MORNING. But not so many of those moms are still IN those clothes at 330pm when it's time for pickup. 

WOW. I have seen some beautifully dressed, perfectly made-up and TOTALLY with-it moms over the last three days. YUP - that's all it took - 3 days for me to think twice before picking up my kids in my day-in-day-out workout wear. 

I talk out of jealousy, I admit. WOW. They look so put together. I'll bet their house is immaculate. Their laundry is all up to date. Their dinners are well-prepared and planned HOURS in advance. 

Which reminds me...crap...what the he*l am I making for dinner tonight?

So all you moms who are putting me to shame, shame on you! Shame on you for looking so damn good and shame on you for making  me get my personal self into the shower daily. SHAME ON YOU!

I would spend more time reprimanding all of you for making me feel so bad, but I have to jump in the shower before I get the kids. Hell, I think I need a new WARDROBE to pick up the kids. 

Then I'll come home, feed the fam and get back into those workout clothes to get my daily run or workout in...makes sense, right?

Tata, fellow mommies. I'm off to make myself look and feel GREAT!

**Disclaimer: It must be said that every one of you moms who fits the above-mentioned profile should know that I love each one of you. I'm just jealous as you-know-what that you have it so together and I stay in my exercise clothes all day!**

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