Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to...

Sunday night. 740pm. Three kids bathed. One (guess which one) still singing her heart out trying her best to either a. practice for her chance on American Idol b. practice her voice for when she and Justin Bieber sing that duet together or c. see how long she will last in there in an effort to avoid cleaning up the PIT that is her and her sister's room.

I tried today. Truly I did. I tried not to lose patience. They had a super full weekend, complete with Schlitterbahn, an overnight stay with their aunt and uncle and a birthday party today. 

Hell, they have a MUCH more full social calendar that me and Chris. Combined. Over a month. 

Still, I thought, lets go downtown. Get some ice cream. Head to the park. It will be fun.

Connor doesn't like ice cream. 
The ice cream shop apparently smelled funny, so he had to let the WORLD know that and proceed to kick the floor for all to see. 
He DID like his pumpkin bread from Starbucks, but why didnt HE get apple juice? He didnt WANT milk. OR water.

The park was ok. Until he screamed that he hated his sister because HE wanted to go down the slide first.

Can I stop in a bar for a drink with 4 kids before I drive home? Just one?

So we get home. Then eat. Then try - try - try to get ready for the BIG DAY tomorrow. It's like Christmas excitement for me...I'm not kidding.

But (again) their room is a mess. SO SO messy. How are two girls SO SO messy?
Connor still acting like Connor. Enough said.

I told Chris I just wanted to get away for a little while. Like a year or so.
He swears I will miss them this week.
For some reason, he thinks I will hate the quiet, the peace, the solitude. 
For some reason, he thinks that I still want them around me. All. The. Time.

Yes, I love them. Yes, I will take their annual photos tomorrow and post a photo that showcases them in the school attire...adorable and all ready to go. But what you WONT see is the smile on MY face as I drop them off for yet another year. No, you may not SEE the photographer's happy go-lucky face. But you'll know. Oh yes, you will KNOW she is ONE HAPPY MOMMY.

Off to give the baby a bottle. Maybe I can have a bottle of something or other too...just one...

Yes, it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to...

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

We'll see your smiling face! And we'll be smiling right along with you!

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