Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unplug me, please...

I recently came across an article that touched a little too close to home - the article discussed how more and more parents have difficulty unplugging themselves from their computers, the Internet, the iPad, the iPhone, or various other electronic gadgets. Even while on vacation. 


Even as I write this blog entry (ironic that it is shared online), I am interrupted by a text message to my phone and I answer it. I have fallen prey, and it has to stop. 

Too often, I'm checking email, Facebook, etc. Too much time spent online and for what? I told Chris that when we go on vacation, he is not allowed to bring his laptop. 

Now I don't know how realistic that is for him, I'm sure going to try not to plug into cyberworld when I am supposed to be enjoying the real world with my family. 

Today, when I took the kids to the library, I witnessed firsthand the impact the online world has had on my kids. 

First, let me say that despite my apparent attraction to the online world, nothing calms me more than a trip to a book store or a library. Oh I could waste my life away, tucked away in a corner with a good book and let the world - online or not - pass me by. So much to read, it's intoxicating!

But my moment of bliss at the library today is short-lived. After all, I had all four kids with me, and although Libby was being a doll while I "strollered" her around to find this author and that author, my mind couldn't help worrying if, while I was enjoying my section of the library, that Connor was obliterating the kids' section, or yelling at his sisters, or splashing in the water fountain. 

So I left the peaceful world of adult fiction and strolled on over to the kids' section...where I found not just Abby, but Keely and Connor, sitting down ... at the computers ... playing online games!!!!

Ummmm, no. No way. Off the computer. Now!
Sighs, grunts and eye rolls, oh my, but no matter to me. 
"GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW!! Go find a book!"

My oldest stomped off.
My second youngest looked at me with bewilderment.
Keely knew better. She moved - quickly - and found a book. 

And that's all it took. 
Yes, it is summer, but nightly reading time is making a comeback. 

The computer desk will be shut when my work is done. And I will do my best to break that darn habit of checking email, looking onto Facebook so often. 

After all, I get such enjoyment  from reading. Truly I do. 

So that is my pledge...And I'll do it, I promise...right after I check this one thing online, or reply to that last email...or two...


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TLCinKs said...

Amen....Unplug me, please....right after I leave this message on Tracey's blog.

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