Monday, July 12, 2010

The art of teaching kids to cook...

I love to cook. Truly I do. Now finding ample time in which to create a fabuloso meal is a challenge, and finding something that doesn't contain macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly or corn dogs - in an effort to please Chris, myself and the kids - well that's next to impossible. 

I live with kids who shy away from new foods. It's not for lack of trying to introduce them, for sure. But that's ok. Baby steps. 

So lately, I have taken some small steps to engage the kids a bit more in the preparation process. They seem to be enjoying it. I, on the other hand, am giving it the ol' girl scouts' try when it comes to keeping my mouth SHUT about the manner in which they DO prepare a dish. 

Today, Keely wanted to make some butterscotch brownies. YUM. Just Keely and I in the kitchen, and she did great. So proud of herself, too, and she should be. We doubled the recipe so we also had a small math lesson as well. 

Her dad would be so proud.

As I type this, those homemade decadent, tasty treats are baking in the oven, and I'm surveying the damage.
1. Flour all over the floor.
2. Egg shells on the stovetop, yolk successfully caked onto the burner.
3. Brown sugar on the floor and in the refrigerator (the refrigerator?? I'm afraid to ask about that one).
4. Spray to grease the pan = all over the counter. She tried many times before realizing how to hold the canister so more than air comes out. :)

But all in all, she did great. I kept my mouth shut about the mess and tried not to flinch as she made more of a mess with each ingredient placed in the pan. 

It took a lot of restraint, but hey, that's ok too. Baby steps, remember? 


Elisa B said...

Not only was the fun to read for the story ... but seriously! Now I WANT TO MAKE BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIES! = )

TLCinKs said...

You are fabulous Mother!!! Thanks for sharing your this in your blog. It reminds me of the times I spent with my Mom learning how to cook.

Elisa B said...

Hey Tracey, I don't know if you're interested, but on the HomeJoys blog (there's a link on my blog), but this week she has been posting brownies/bars with whole wheat ... so if those kiddos get the baking itch, you can justify it even more!

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