Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crazy, mixed up, insane

Three words to best describe me at times. People must think I truly have lost my marbles. 
Even other moms, who know how crazy life can be, have to think I've gone off the deep end. 

Picture the scenario - 
9am - called friend to tell her to bring Kee to pool after camp, not home. invite her daughter as well. 
12pm - called friend again to reiterate that Kee was to go to pool, inquire about daughter, just to be sure she got message.

After all, Libby seemed to be feeling better. Surely she would be ok at the pool. I can only take SO many days of being cooped up with them all day without an outing. 

Too much chatter, arguing and running around the house makes mom a mean mom. 

Make lunch
Put baby down
Try to begin working

1pm - 20 minutes after being placed down to sleep, Libby screaming. Leg caught in crib - again. Nice,  mom. Unravel and console her. Place her back to sleep. Say quick prayer she sleeps as long as she is supposed to.
2pm - Abby and Connor scolded and directed to basement to play so I could get some peace and quiet.
2:15pm - Libby gets up. Coughing, runny nose, crabby crabby baby.

Hmm, maybe the pool isnt such a good idea after all.

2:30pm - called friend on CORRECT phone number after I realized I had called some random person twice earlier in the day. "Yes, take Keely to the pool, not home. We will see her there. Thanks."

2:35pm - frantically try to get bathing suits on Libby and Connor - Libby, still screaming and snotty, is not amused. Connor, well, Connor was running around naked telling me that "the hip on his cheek hurt."

"Connor, you dont have a hip on your cheek."
"Yes, I do. Everyone does. You dont know EVERYTHING mom!!!"


2:40pm - called friend, again, told her to FORGET taking Keely to the pool, Libby not feeling well. We decided not to go. She sighs. Probably is annoyed, thinking "this chick REALLY needs to get it together." 


Libby now out of her swimsuit. 

Called a friend whose girls are friends with Abby to see if they can go to the pool. Nope. 
Called another friend who has daughter in Abby's class to see if they want to go to the pool alone - because, of course, Abby was annoyed that she doesnt get to go to the pool - again - because Libby still sick. Because, as you know, its always all about Abby.


Now I'm crabby, I haven't gotten the heck outta the house in too long, I want a drink and a vacation. Vacation will have to wait, but who the heck cares if it's 3:45pm and I'm drinking a beer?

You got something to say about it? Go ahead. I'll probably forget you said anything in about a minute or two.


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the carlson's said...

haha! You are too funny Tracy!

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