Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pre-race with Connor, wishing me well. 

Completed my third race this morning in my quest for one per month. It was the shortest one I have done - just a 5k - but the feeling when I was done was the same. I've said it before, but nothing has ever given me the sense of personal accomplishment more than completing a race. Im not sure what it is, but I have a few ideas.

It never ceases to amaze me - no matter the length of the race, the venue, the charity benefitting from the event - the support that runners give each other is astounding. 

When I ran my half marathon in April, I was simply awestruck by how supportive runners were to one another. The same held true last month when I ran, and the same held true this morning. 

The race was for breast cancer. There were men and there were women. Kudos to the men, but I am always more affected by the women. 

Women with infants in strollers. 
Women walking with their mothers.
Women running with their daughters.
Women of all fitness levels. All shapes, All sizes. All walks of life. 

For a brief moment, all coming together to support one another and a larger cause. 

I loved it. It felt wonderful giving kudos on to women as I passed them, or as they passed me. I felt inspired watching a women who was obviously recovering from an injury walk and run this race. I could see the pain on her face, yet she persevered. 

I loved seeing the moms with their daughters. I am taking Abby and Kee to a race next weekend where we, too, will support each other through. 

I saw members of Body Boutique, an all women fitness club where I work, and we passed each other with high fives, smiles and words of encouragement. We all know too well the importance of supporting one another. 

I'm proud of everyone who ran today. Everyone who walked today. 
I'm proud of myself for finishing yet another. I admire the tri-athletes, the regular marathon runners who seem to complete these tasks with such ease. If only I was like that.

Perhaps in time. My next triathlon is in September, and I'm partnering with my sister. (Yes, I am, Maura!) ;) We will support each other and hold each other up when needed. We will, once again, surround ourselves with hundreds of women who "race for a cure, or walk to d'feet als, or step for the chest."

There is beauty in every race. There is determination. There is hope. There is happiness. And there is - and always will be - another race. 

:) I can't express how happy it makes me to have embarked upon this "running culture." Even when I'm sucking wind and cursing it, I'm still loving it! :)

Three down, nine to go! 

That's me behind this lady in pink, I promise! ;)


Bonney said...

Way to go Tracey! That is awesome!

Natalie said...

What a wonderful post, Tracey! Congrats on the first three and I'm sure the rest will be great.

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