Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ahh, sibling rivalry. It manifests itself in so many different ways. 
Yes, there is the typical "She plays better than I do. She has more friends than I do. She can't swim as well as I can."

Then, there is the kind that I would term atypical, although from talking to other moms, it's also typical, rivalry that comes from things that one wouldn't expect - such as braces. 

Today, Abby had an appointment with her orthodontist. Keely, too, had an initial consultation with that same orthodontist. Abby, who is in Phase 2 of 3 with her braces, got the clear for another 6 months. 

Keely, on the other hand, was given the superb news that SHE has to wear a retainer until she turns 12, at which time she, too, will get a full mouth of braces. 

Oh wait, did I say "has" to wear? I meant to say "gets" to wear. How silly of me. 

Yes, Keely, lucky girl that she is, GETS to wear a REMOVABLE retainer. She, the golden child, GETS to keep this in her mouth at all times for three months, and then, after that, only has to wear it at night. 

She GETS to remove it. She GETS to!! Are you understanding that? 

Yes, Abby, who, upon hearing the news, immediately began to sulk, begrudgingly complained (once the doctor wasn't within earshot) that Keely gets EVERYTHING better - EVERYTHING!


She then began to hound me with 20 questions  - Why didn't she get to have one? Why didn't I ask the doctor to let her wear one? Why is it that SHE has to wear a permanent one?


"Um, let's ask the doctor when he is back, why don't we, Abby? After all, I'm not the medical professional, but I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume that Keely got one because she NEEDS it and you didn't."

Whatever. Rolling of the eyes, back turned. 

"Well, she still gets everything."

"What else did she get?" I asked, noticeably annoyed.

"The iPod for her birthday!"

I'll spare you that story, but alas, Abby is keeping tabs on these things. After all, it's all about the rivalry, isn't it? 

1 comment:

Allie Confer said...

She probably would have been super jealous of the one I had with the fake teeth attached!

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