Friday, May 14, 2010

Yet another day in the life of a mom headed to the doctor's office

Attention Moms: As if you didn't know this enough, trips to the doctor's office with kids in tow stink with a capital "S."
Attention Moms-to-Be: Trips to the doctor's office with kids in tow stink with a capital "S."
Attention all others in the doctor's office waiting to see a doctor WITHOUT kids in tow: Please be patient and understanding with moms who have kids in tow, because, yes, trips to the doctor's office with kids in tow stink with a capital "S."

Now that we have THAT settled. I want to tell you a story. Interject your own name, and the names of your kids, wherever appropriate. You know we have all been there. I don't even need to add names because my recent experience can be shared by all moms with kids in tow. 

Once upon a time....

Oh who the heck am I kidding? 

The fun all started off with another night of crying. Libby doesn't wake up at night - she is an awesome sleeper. So when she wakes up, once Chris and I wake from our dead sleep and confusion, looking at each other and saying, "What is that noise? Is that a dog howling?" we get up (ok, I get up) to see what's up. 

Yup, crying + pulling on ear = another lovely ear infection. 

I'll call the doctor first thing in the morning.

Sure. Do you know me? I forget. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. 

It's now 2:30pm - oh no, time to call the doctor. 
"Can you get here by 3pm?"
"Today?" is my question.
"Sure. No problem."

(Did you see my recent post - never wake a sleeping baby? Well forget I said that.)
1. Wake ______. _______ not happy to be awakened.
2. Race to ________'s doctor's office. 
3. Make it - barely. On time. Way to go, mom.
4. "I'm sorry mom, Dr. ______ is running late. She may be a little while."
5. Me: Great - what to do about the other two kids who have to be picked up from school?
6. Enter mama - "Mom, can you pick up the kids today?"
7. My mom rocks. Thankfully, older kids won't be stranded at school - again. (You know I forgot to pick them up recently, right? I wasn't kidding when I said I forget E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.)
8. Our turn in the doctor's office. Baby = still behaving. 4-year old? Not so much. 
9. "Dr. ____ will be right in."
10. Mom proceeds to entertain 4-year old. Baby still ok, but getting hungry.
11. 10 minutes pass.
12. 16 minutes pass.
13. 19 minutes pass - and HERE SHE IS!!!! :)
14. "Yup. Another ear infection."
15. Me: "Ummmm...Couldn't you have just prescribed something since we have been here so often lately with _____??
16. "Since you are here, and since you forgot _____'s 6-month appt., why don't we give her shots today too?"
17. Me, thinking: SURE! Why not make the kid with the pain in the ear even MORE pleasant with three shots? 
18. Me (out loud): "Oh, no. I forgot it?" (E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G) "Sure, let's do that."
19. "Ok the nurse will be in here in a few minutes to give her shots."
20. 10 minutes pass. 4-year old VERY ready to leave. Baby very hungry and not amused. 4-year old wants to get water. Go to the bathroom. Go play. Whatever - anything but be in doctor's office.
21. 17 minutes pass - AND HERE SHE IS!!!!! :)
22. Shots suck. Enough said. 
23. Ok, time to get the prescription filled. 
24. Wait. "Why can't I have water, mom?"
25. Wait. "Why is it taking so long, mom?"
26. Wait. "Why can't we leave NOW, mom?"
27. Prescription filled.
28. Mom contemplates the probability of many afternoon drinks.
29. Mom wonders why she can workout for hours and be fine but leave the doctor's office literally - mentally and physically exhausted!!

We made it out alive, as all moms do. But not without some silent cursing. 
And THAT ladies and gentlemen, was my recent experience at the doctor's office.
Now if you will excuse me, I must see why Libby is crying. It's nap time. Not crying time. 
However, I do not think her ears have gotten that message yet.

Fun mommy times.

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Bonney said...

Oh my...thanks for the heads up Tracey! :)

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