Saturday, May 15, 2010

St. John's School Carnival

We had a great time last night at the kids' school carnival. We always have a great time at school/church gatherings. This year, all three of the older kids could roam on their own and Chris and I can relax and chat with friends, a cold drink in hand.

This is, yes, another Connor story.

We got Connor a chicken sandwich and chips, which he proceeded to eat occasionally between trips to the moonwalk, games, face painting and the bathroom (he is his father's son, after all). The end of the night was drawing near, and I saw it - I saw Chris eyeing that chicken sandwich and chips. I saw the glisten in his eyes.

I warned him.

"Don't eat his dinner."
"He's not even eating it."
"Don't eat his dinner. As soon as you eat it all, he WILL come back and ask for it. And YOU will be in trouble."
"It's no big deal."

Sandwich = eaten. Chips = eaten. Connor = nowhere in sight.
Why is it that he doesn't listen to me? ;)

Move ahead about 20 minutes. Enter Connor.

"Mom, where is all my food?" (On the verge of tears, because in addition to being hungry, this kid was T-I-R-E-D!)

I know better than to get into THIS conversation.
"Go ask your dad."

Need I say more?
At this point, we experienced all of the following: temper tantrum, tears, hitting, screaming, running away - and the clincher - the statement from Connor himself (screamed, by the way, so that EVERYONE could hear it) that sealed Chris' fate for the night:


What can I say? It was funny. It really was funny.
Time to go home. The kids really did have a great time. It was a fun, fun night. And the end-of-the-evening entertainment provided by Connor was great too.

Four words - that's all I said to Chris, as he was carrying a crying Connor out of the carnival for all to see:

"I told you so."

Fun times.

I had to add these - Abby's favorite booth at the carnival - is anyone surprised?


maura said...

HA! hilarious! i laughed out loud when i read this!!

um, what's up with the photos? what kind of booth is that, anyway? is it the Pretend-You're-Hurt-And-We'll- Bandage-You-Up booth??

PaPa said...

Like Father, like son

Tracey English said...

Yes, Maura, that is exactly what it was. And it was the busiest, most popular booth all night. Insane.

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