Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spot, the adventurous dog, by Abby English

Abby wrote this tonight for school.
What can I say? I think it's pretty good and I'm proud of her for it! So here it is!

Spot the adventurous dog
            Do you ever wonder what it’s like to go out on an adventure? Well this dog goes on one everyday.
 Spot goes on a crazy adventure every single day and night. He’s so adventurous on his trips. Click! Goes the umbrella, Zip! Up his backpack and off he goes. Across the wire, step, step, step up the stairs and down the slide. Finally he lands on the soft cloud. When getting comfortable flying on the cloud he finds a friend. “HI” Spot yells at the top of his lungs while eating a bowl of cloud. “Well hi” he said back. “Can I ride down your string?” Spot asked. “Sure.” He said “Thanks” Zip! Zang! Zip down the string bump on his boat.

Just lounging around in on the sea in the twilight. Finally when night falls he gets his swim gear ready. Zip! as he puts on water helmet. Beep! goes the elevator his feet barely touch the water half way there and finally he’s in. While sinking to the bottom of the sea he meets some fish friends and maybe a jellyfish. Interesting things. When he touches the ground he finds a magic wand in a treasure chest. He keeps walking and walking when he finds fish friends. They see the glowing star and make a shooting star and they take him to the fish King. Spot bows to his majesty and said, “I brought your magic star.” “Well thank you, young and brave dog,” he said to Spot. “I shall now give you a reward for that,” The King Fish said. So the King Fish waved his magic wand and bubbles started appearing and suddenly Spot started floating up in a big bubble. Soon he was out of the water and back in his boat. When he got changed back into his clothes the boat sailed away.

Soon he came to another big cloud but Spot didn’t recognize this one at all. It was a fog. Spot went deeply into the fog and then something rose above him “What’s that?” Spot said to nobody else but him. “Oh my gosh it’s a whale AHHHHHHHH!” but the whale wasn’t mean or frowning at him. It was smiling at him. Later Spot got out some boards and built an airplane. Now Spot was flying in the air. Spot saw smoke and in a few seconds his plane BROKE! Now what was Spot going to do? Luckily he landed on an island. Spot walked for a few minuets and found a volcano. He got hungry and decided to eat so he got a rope and weenies. After dinner he got in his boat and sailed home. When Spot got home he grabbed a book and sat down read all about his adventure.                                                 


maura said...

ha! great story, Abby! i can already see visuals for this....(hint, hint)! :)

Laura Hodson said...

For a minute there towards the end I thought she was summing up LOST. Just kidding, what a cute story!

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