Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom does not = cool

It was bound to happen. 

I could see it happening slowly, but still, the comment caught me off guard. 

The other day, I was driving home with the girls, who were excitedly talking about field day at school. Ahh, field day. I remember it well. When you go to a private school and have to wear uniforms all year, it becomes ONE day that you look forward to with such enthusiasm because you can actually look "cool" in your own clothes. No plaid jumper for me, no way. Kick that butterfly-collared shirt to the curb, give me some MAKEUP and some regular clothes and let me ROAR! I wore a green top and super cute pink shorts that day, and I LOOKED AWESOME!!! 

But wait, we are talking about THEIR field day, not mine. I digress. 

So perhaps I got a little excited. "Ohhh! Field Day! SOO FUN!! Let's go out and get something super cute for you to wear, ok?" (Try to envision me here, giddy with excitement, as I think of how cute I'm gonna be able to dress these girls of mine come field day!) It's like the excitement of my youth took over. I must have acted too excited, too anxious, because I got "the look."

You know "the look" if you have a "tweenage" girl (which means, what? by the way?) who - without saying a word, has put you in your place. Oh, but she did say something...

"Mom, you are SOOOOO uncool! No one talks like that!"
Imagine her eyes rolling, her laughter building, and my surprised reaction. 


Yes, I got too excited. And all of a sudden, my coolness factor, which I believe I have held at a relatively high level until this point, dropped faster than the stock market fell last week. And left me with about as much bewilderment and confusion. (Not that I fully understand what the hell happened with the stock market, but you get my drift).

Wow. All of a sudden, Mom did NOT = cool to Miss Abigail Lynn. 

So what did I do? Well, I did what any intelligent, quick-witted mom would do:

"Fine. I'm not cool? So be it. Keely, I'm gonna take YOU and YOU only to get you the cutest outfit you want and YOU are gonna look great on field day."

Who's laughing now, Abby? Who's laughing now, kiddo??

So there. 
That'll teach her not to mess with me. 
Because you know what? I AM COOL! And she better not forget it. Ever.

(I really did look pretty good in those pink shorts and green top. The epitome of preppiness. And I loved it). 

1 comment:

maura said...

ouch is right! i guess we all knew the day would come. what parent doesn't experience that? hmmm... does that mean i'm uncool too? NO, cuz i'm The Aunt! ha!

now i digress...

ah, field day! i remember it... sort of. i seem to remember wearing striped shirts and jeans back then... oh wait, that's what i wear NOW. haha. some things never change. ;)

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