Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom, 
Mother's Day is once again upon us and although I know you deserve worlds more than one day to honor you, I will try to encompass all you mean to me in this note. This note, which I am intentionally sharing with others, can only scratch the surface when expressing how much you mean to me and our family. 

There is not one time in my life in which I cannot picture you. I remember hard times - the awkward junior high years when you did everything you could to help me feel better about myself. The years I spent in high school worrying about that boy you so rightfully knew wasn't the one for me. And the times we all struggled as a family. We all remember them, and I would bet my life we all also remember you - as our rock, our faith-filled foundation of strength, prayer and love. 

Yes, mom, you are by far, the strongest woman I know. And you have been tested. I know you have. You were tested when your dad, your brother and your husband died in your arms. Yet you kept your faith. You kept your faith when you weren't sure that your kids would choose the right path. You continue to keep your faith that our lives will continue to be filled with blessings and joy.

But do you know that YOU are the one who brings us such blessings and joy? Who else was with me when I was so scared after having Connor in the middle of the night when I was shaking uncontrollably? Who else was with me when I was beating myself up for weeks about not being able to nurse? Who else has helped me - time after time - by lending an ear, helping at the last minute with the kids, taking me out for a cup of coffee to talk when you know I just need to get away? 

You are the person who makes my kids smile. They adore you, and who can blame them? With a heart of gold, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't love you. 

How I have been so blessed to have you not only as my mom, but as a dear, dear friend as well, is beyond me. But I'm not gonna question it. Instead, I'm going to say a prayer for you, one that I say often as I think about you and how much you mean to everyone whose life you touch:

Dear Lord, Thank you for the love of a mother like mine. Bless her and keep her strong. Watch over her and continue to guide her in Your ways. Let her always feel the love of her family and friends. Let her know that she is never alone. Let her know that she can call on anyone of us to help her at any time she is in need. Let her know how her love, her faith in You, and her life have been a true testament of the love a mother can have for her children. And bless her this Mother's Day and every day. I would not be the woman and the mother I am if it was not for her. Thank you for bringing her into our lives. In Your Name, Amen. 

I love you, Mom. And I'd shout that to the highest mountain if I could. But for now, a message that can be shared with many others will have to do. That way, they can know how lucky I am too. :) 

Happy Mother's Day (a wee bit early).

Oh yeah, and don't go calling me tonight after you read this or we will both be crying!!! :) You know me, I'm a S-A-P with a capital S!!! :) 

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maura said...

great pics - wonderful post :)

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